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Published at 2nd of July 2020 10:25:15 PM
Chapter 1562

He wanted to ignore her, but barely a night passed when he started missing her and could not resist sending her a text message .

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 She returned him an emoticon .

 Messaging was boring and dry . Looking at the black-and-white text, he tried to imagine the expression on her face .

 Now, she was finally back to the country, yet she had to leave again after picking up some clothes .

 Where is she going next?

 As an artist, life revolved around publicity and promotional events, and there was hardly time for family . Even though she might command a sizable fee, did he really care about that?

 He allowed her to work and pursue her interest as a matter of respect, but that did not mean that he was not bothered .

 In fact, he was very bothered by it!

 He did not like that she was working when her time could be spent with him!

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 To be doing this just for a few millions of acting fees!

 He could earn that much in a few minutes .

 The man missed her all day and night, not just a mere few minutes .

 Her hand held the phone tightly as she listened to the heavy breathing coming from the earpiece . She knew that he was trying hard not to lash out on her with his surmounting fury .

 Just as she was feeling guilty, the man asked her dully, “Do you miss me?”

 “I miss—”

 “Don’t go anywhere tonight and keep me company . ”

 She knitted her brows and answered with some difficulty, “I received notice to proceed to the production set and only came out at this point because I requested leave; I can only pick up my clothes as I am not allowed to be gone for long!”

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 Frustrated, he hung up the call without warning .

 As she sat listening to the dull beeping sound coming from the earpiece, her eyes rimmed red and moistened .

 When she got home, the two lads were watching TV in the hall . Both flung themselves into her arms the moment they saw her .

 The two were at the age where they were growing by leaps and bounds, and she realized with a start that Youyou had grown taller again after missing him for a week .

 When he stood next to his older brother, their difference in height was not that obvious now .

 There was not much change in Little Yichen’s height, but since his brother had been feeding him well over the last couple of days, his tender, pinkish face had grown plumper and cuter .

 She kissed their faces affectionately and saw the TV playing when she looked up .

 “Where’s daddy?”

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 She surveyed her surroundings . “Isn’t he at home?”

 “Daddy isn’t home yet!”

 Her older son, who was still hugging her, refused to let go .

 Having not seen her for a week, he climbed on her with his hands and feet and was unwilling to let go .

 She carried him and smiled indulgently .

 “Eh? You seem heavier now—and fatter, too . ”

 She could not help teasing him .

 The little lad blushed in embarrassment, asking anxiously, “Does that mean mommy can’t carry me anymore?”

 “Yes, having a little difficulty carrying you now!”

 She nodded in fake seriousness, teasing him further, but that got him worried!

 This can’t do!

 He did not want to grow up, or grow fat, when it meant that his mother could no longer carry him or that he would be unable to crawl in her loving embrace anymore .

 This thought frightened him so much that he quickly quipped, “I’ll start reducing my weight from tomorrow onward, then!”

 She flicked him on the forehead . “Silly! You’re forbidden from losing weight . You are still growing and need to eat more so you can grow taller and stronger!”

 With that, she kissed his round, little face .

 His skin was so soft, just like tofu that would melt instantly in the mouth!

 She carried him and could not bear to let go as well .