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Published at 2nd of July 2020 02:30:08 AM
Chapter 1561: 1561

She felt sorry that, after their short reunion, she would be apart from them for another extended period .

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 While filming in this production team, she would be unable to return home for months .

 The separation would be longer than reunion .

 She might be able to return home intermittently, but this would just be for a short time, and she must return to the set quickly .

 Moreover, the promotional tours of ‘The Green Apple’ required her to fly to various locations domestically for road shows; she, therefore, truly needed to treasure every second she could spare .

 Inside the car, Mu Yazhe’s face broke into a smile .

 She’s back!

 He could not wait to give her a fierce hug .

 He missed her so much!

 His yearnings for her almost spiraled out of control .

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 As his hands were holding on to the steering wheel, her apologetic voice could be heard over the Bluetooth earpiece he had in one of his ears . “I’m only returning to get some warm clothes . I have to leave immediately after . ”


 The smile froze on his face . He suddenly looked unhappy as he cocked his brow . “Where are you going next?”

 The word ‘next’ shook her slightly .

 ‘Where are you going next?’

 This question, which did not seem to be a question when it came from his mouth, stumped her actually .

 Having not seen him for a week, she missed him very much, too .

 Although it was only a week, it felt like a century to her .

 Earlier in Paris, she could only communicate with him via text messages . This was because all calls were prohibited during the live recording .

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 Hence, she could only read off his words lifelessly from the screen and try to imagine his look while he was holding the phone on the other end .

 He was suffering just like her .

 He had not heard her voice for the past seven days .

 Suppressing his longing for her, he held on until now .

 The day before, when the woman informed him that she would be returning home today, he could feel his heart soaring for the first time in his life .

 Even his assistant was surprised to see the change in him when he stepped into the office this morning .

 Over the last few days, he wore only a sullen expression the entire time, from morning until night .

 Repressed anger could be detected in his eyes, which stressed his staff tremendously . Those subordinates, who needed to visit his office, would look down and avoid his gaze as they tried their best not to antagonize him in any way .

 However, this morning, they could tell that their boss was in a good mood!

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 Even though he tried hard to remain composed, inwardly, he was looking forward to her return!

 Hence, once it reached afternoon, he arranged to finish his meeting early so he could rush home; alas, in the end, he had to hear her telling him that she must leave immediately after .

 Where is she going next?

 He could not help but be upset!

 He stopped the car by roadside as his brows locked in a deep furrow .

 The man resisted the strong urge to vent his frustration on her over the phone .

 Is your work really that important?

 Is it so important that you can ignore my feelings?

 For the first time in his life, he really detested her job .

 That day, just before she flew off to Paris for recording, she called him in the morning . While on the phone, she told him, with much apprehension, that she could not have telephone conversations during the taping overseas and could only communicate via text messages .

 He was greatly displeased when he heard that .

 “You are my woman, yet you’re running off to another country to take part in the filming of a love-themed reality show . Now, you’re telling me not to call you! Yun Shishi, don’t you think you are overdoing it?”

 Taken aback, she maintained her silence for a long time .

 She was clearly guilt-ridden . Finally, after a long pause, she muttered, “Sorry . ”

 This was the last thing the man wanted to hear from her; thus, he simply hung up the call .

 She did not attempt to return the call after that .