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Chapter 1560
Chapter 1560: Do you not think that you are overdoing it? (1)

In the first place, Lin Fengtian liked her, and his demanding temper was due to his pursuit of excellence in his craft . Once he stepped away from his camera, he was a rather easy-going man, but this was not the case for this director .

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To him, rules were the names of the game .

Nothing could be established without them .

He was a very rigid person, and everything needed to go by the book . Therefore, being late was just unacceptable!

Nerve-racked, Qin Zhou desperately tried to salvage the situation . “Director Gu, my charge truly didn’t do this on purpose, nor was she trying to make the whole team wait for her . We were delayed for three days because we ran into some trouble while filming ‘The Love Diary’!”

The director impatiently waved his excuses away as he loudly reprimanded the agent in front of everyone else . “No need for any more excuses . You should know me well by now . I like my artists to be focused . When it comes to acting, being late even for just a day means that you are unpunctual, and that’s it! Yun Shishi is your artist—a newcomer with some potential, but just because we are on good terms doesn’t mean that my requirements for her are fewer! That’ll never happen! Over here, no matter what your identity is, everyone will be treated equally!”

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The manager nodded in acquiescence . He could hear the subtext in the director’s long retort; hence, he smilingly said, “This is well-said! My artist may be a newcomer, but she’s humble and very teachable! I have high standards for her as well . While this girl is simple-minded, she’s genuine in her love for acting . She’ll do her best at work without you needing to prompt her! Just let me know if she’s not following your instructions during production!”

The director looked at him through narrowed eyes . Despite him keeping mum, he was actually very satisfied with the manager’s reply!

The latter’s reply was good enough to keep any gossip at bay!

Actually, this was a big production team with confounding interests, so one had to act with caution here, even the director himself .

Although he was truly upset to see his actress late for the shoot, he was not as antagonized as he made it appear . Besides, the agent had personally approached him to apologize, and they had known each other for a long time .

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Flaring up earlier was just for show . After all, the rest of the team were present, and with so many pairs of eyes on him, he could not very well dismiss this incident lightly . How could he establish authority in this way?

He could not be seen as showing favoritism, could he?

With the rest of the cast, including Lin Zhi, and the production team present and as the director who called the shots around here, he had to display his authority .

The agent smilingly accepted this reprimand without objection, and this was good enough for him .

On top of that, this director liked his artists to be obedient, and he rather admired Yun Shishi . Seeing that his authority had become well-established following this incident, he knew he could let this matter rest now .

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Hence, after some small talk with the man, he waved his hand to have a crew member arrange a room for the artist .

Once a room was arranged, she knew she had to get some clothes ready .

She sent a report to the director, asking for permission to return home and bring some thick clothes to keep herself warm .

The temperature would drop further in a couple of days, and the clothes she brought to Paris were too thin for the changing weather .

He granted her request .

She was preparing to return home after checking in her room when she received a call from Mu Yazhe . “Have you returned?”

“Eh, I did not too long ago . ”

“Where are you now? I’ll go and pick you up . ”

“It’s not necessary! Qin Zhou will be sending me home . ”

As she talked, she got in her manager’s car . She was elated at the thought of seeing the two lads later after a week’s absence . At the same time, she could not help feeling sorry .