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Published at 2nd of July 2020 02:30:18 AM
Chapter 1559

“…” The man furrowed his brows . “Something on your mind?”

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 She neither nodded nor shook her head .

 Qin Zhou looked her deeply in the eyes and sighed as well . “Shishi, your condition hasn’t been great recently . It seems that you have something on your mind! Is it convenient for you to share it with me?”

 She knitted her eyebrows, conflict evident in her eyes .

 “Is it something not convenient for you to share, then?”

 “No, it’s not that . I just don’t know how to bring it up . ” She sighed again .

 His expression became even more complicated . “…”

 The two remained silent, but what she did not know was that the man knew what she was thinking of and was just keeping it to himself .

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 She must have felt disturbed .

 She must have felt uneasy about Gu Xingze’s spontaneous intimacy .

 “Whatever it is, don’t think much about it . ”

 The manager patted her shoulder and continued . “Let’s get ready for filming!”

 The filming in Paris took them a week . It was a three-day plot in the show’s script, yet it took them a week to film .

 The production team was in pursuit of success and wanted to perfect what was already outstanding, so they nitpicked at every angle .

 Of course, the edited product did not let the production team’s efforts go to waste . The romantic atmosphere in the show really made one’s heart thump rapidly, and it was a greater highlight in comparison to the first week of the show .

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 The choice of location by the production team was especially romantic .

 Yun Shishi and Gu Xingze were at the west of the swan alley at dawn—the time when it was the most stunning .

 Probably only couples could feel touched regarding this fine scenery .

 The two walked under the quiet shade of the trees with their fingers interlocked . The cameraman used their silhouettes, coupled with the effects after editing, to create a scene as beautiful as a painting .

Every frame was as perfect as a portrait .

 At dusk, the man brought her to a dense fog alley .

 Just the name ‘dense fog alley’ was enough to create a mysterious romantic vibe .

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 The production team did not know about this scenic spot .

 The superstar had come upon this spot when he was in Paris for a photoshoot in the past . The dense fog alley was hidden at a place where not many would visit .

 At the end of it was a misty castle . It was extremely enchanting in the greenery .

 This was the first time Yun Shishi had seen such a retro and magnificent castle . It was also the location where the famous Hollywood movie, ‘Interview with the Vampire’, was filmed .

 The castle embodied a classic European-retro style from the medieval period . Its walls were filled with vines and dried up winter leaves . The edifice was able to keep one’s heart at ease on a gloomy day .

 After the filming week ended, she headed back home .

 At the same time, ‘The Green Apple’ was in its last week of post-production, and the cast was officially entering the hectic publicity period .

 Just as she alighted from the plane, the artist received a notice to join the team . Without stopping to rest, Qin Zhou rushed to bring her to the production team of ‘Lethal Beauty’, marking her official entrance to it .

 The production team of that show had their equipment turned on at Hengdian World Studios . All the crew members were already in position as the main cast joined the team one by one . The actress was the last to arrive .

 When Director Gu heard that she was a day late, he slammed the table in fury .

 The director was extremely unhappy with her tardiness . Her manager tried to explain repeatedly how their schedules had clashed and that there was a delay in the shoot in Paris, causing them to enter the team a day late .

 “For a newcomer who has just debuted, she sure puts on such air! It’s set for her to enter the team yesterday, yet she only came today . Did she want the entire team to wait for her and her alone?”

 He flew into a rage . Despite Qin Zhou’s pleas in person, he still did not give him much face .

 She braced herself as she stood at the side, afraid to let out a sound .

 This director’s temper was even weirder than Lin Fengtian’s .