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Chapter 1558

As a corollary, her posture was rather stiff during their hug when they met .

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 The director was unsatisfied with it, and they had to shoot it one more time, but Gu Xingze unexpectedly said lines, which were not in the script, to her in front of the camera .

 Yun Shishi’s brain short-circuited for a moment, not knowing how she should respond .

 “You are breaking out in a cold sweat . ”

 He gently reminded her, proceeding to get his handkerchief and wipe off carefully the wetness on her forehead, concern evident in his eyes .

 The artist raised her gaze, only to catch the loving look in his eyes .

 She could tell that he was not putting on an act .

 He was truly concerned about her…

 The woman was dumbfounded and her shoulders shrank back a little, clearly feeling conflicted over what was happening .

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 His expression stiffened .

 Her action was minute and not noticeable to the camera, but it was obvious that she was not welcoming his intimacy and care .

 Her body language told him again that this was just a reality show .

 She was just acting .

 Her action was informing the man that he should not be too caught up in the act .

 She would take it seriously .

 The superstar’s heartstrings tugged painfully, only to see her raising her lips as she said warmly, “I just arrived at Paris not long ago, and I am still unused to the time difference . Because of today’s date… I was a little nervous last night, and that’s why I didn’t have much rest!”

 It was all from the script’s content, word for word .

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 His gaze dimmed, a little disappointed .

 She was resisting him .

 He adjusted his fretful emotions and let a flawless smile grace his face . They continued with the filming as per the script .

 After they wrapped up a full day of filming, the actress returned to the ‘sweet nest’—the production team had set up an apartment building in Paris and called it this . The apartment was where the recording of the more important scenes would take place .

 She returned to her bedroom . Naturally, there were cameras set up in it, too .

 She took a bath, then walked out of the bathroom in her bathrobe and with a face mask on . She said goodnight to the camera and went to sleep .

 She never had the habit of putting on face masks as she was rather lazy when it came down to it, but for some reason, her skin was still amazing despite not putting in the effort to maintain it .

 Alas, as Qin Zhou accepted a ‘face mask’ commercial for her, Yun Shishi naturally had to present it during the show by putting on a face mask as part of her evening routine .

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 After turning off the lights, she did not fall asleep immediately . Even though her eyes were closed, her head was filled with complicated emotions and thoughts .

 Gu Xingze’s gaze was still at the back of her mind .

 In their previous filming, the man had never presented it in such a blatant manner just like what he had done today .

 In the past, he always had self-control and endured it silently, burying the complicated feelings he had for her at the bottom of his heart .

 Today, though, he seemed to have lost control over his emotions during filming .

 There was ambition in his eyes that she had never seen before .

 An ambition he could not hide .

 It made her shudder in fear .

 She had never seen this side of him . He felt different from the past him .

 As she lay in bed with a million thoughts, sleep eluded her for a long time .

 Therefore, when her manager and stylist knocked at her door early the next morning, they saw the dark eye circles under her eyes the moment she opened the door .

 “…Did you not sleep well last night?”

 He looked at his charge as if he had seen a ghost .

 She sighed . “I couldn’t fall asleep . ”

 “…” The man furrowed his brows . “Something on your mind?”

 She neither nodded nor shook her head .