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Published at 30th of June 2020 10:20:08 PM
Chapter 1557: 1557

The stylist started working on the actress with a look suitable for the ‘date’ at the airport .

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 The theme this time was romance, with the background set in Paris .

 Yun Shishi had a chic and modern style during the first season, which created a big stir on Weibo . Her impeccable look had converted countless people into her fans .

 Her team, then, spared no effort in engaging the top styling team for her .

 Hence, in all her recent engagements, be it a kickoff ceremony or a launch, she had managed to keep that same modern look in her makeup and fashion . For a while, she was a trend-setter for vibrant style .

 She had a face which was highly adaptable and looked good almost naturally with her prolific facial contour and exquisite, deep-set eyes .

 On top of that, her skin texture could pull off different styles, which stumped most Asian actresses .

 For Louis Vuitton’s endorsement poster, she was given a European-retro look . With vampish eyeliner on her lids, her captivating eyes, as well as her red, kissable lips, were especially alluring to look at .

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 The fashion industry was shaken .

 Even the actress herself was awestruck by her look .


 I didn’t know before that makeup could change a woman’s entire presence!

 She thought she could not pull off such a dramatic style .

 In the end, even her perfectionist manager, who loved to nitpick, had nothing to say when he saw the final poster .

 She was just too ravishing .

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 Her fashion sense was undeniably strong .

 He was tempted to pave a way for her in the fashion industry as well!

 After her makeup was done, she went through the script one last time before preparing for the official recording .

 The recording reeled once the production team arrived .

 According to the script, the couple had their second date in Paris, where they visited the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum . They were to have an affectionate exchange inside the most romantic restaurant in the city .

 This city was considered as the world’s most famous romantic destination; it was also one of the sexiest cities .

 Hemingway once said, ‘If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you . ’

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 The recording for season two of ‘The Love Diary’ was exceptionally long . A few scenes might not take more than a couple of minutes, but they still took time for the team to film .

 Although they called this a reality show, there was still a script to follow . If a take was deemed unsatisfactory by the director, it had to be re-done .

 For instance, the scene at the airport had to be re-done as the director erased the first take on the spot . This was because the couple was unable to bring out a heartfelt effect in their embrace upon seeing each other .

 However, this was not the most tiring part about filming a reality show .

 Live recording meant that one would be surrounded by video lenses once the artist was ready to roll .

 The car, which was designated for their date, had lenses installed in all four corners of it .

 Although the actress was still feeling unwell, she could not show that during the recording . All she could do was bear with the pain and force herself to smile .

 This failed to escape the superstar’s keen eyes, though, and he realized at once that something was off .

 “What’s wrong?” he asked, his head bowed . “You don’t look well . ”

 He then reached out and touched her face lightly .

 His brows furrowed when his fingertip felt upon her cold sweat .

 She was definitely not perspiring due to the hot weather; it was cold outside the window .

 The only reason she was breaking out in a cold sweat was that she was feeling unwell .

 Is she sick?

 He could already tell that she was not in top form when they were at the airport . Her expression was rather stiff, and that carried through subtly even in her smile .