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Published at 29th of June 2020 10:35:17 PM
Chapter 1552

She lunged forward in great embarrassment, wanting to snatch the shameful stuff from his hand . The man withdrew his hand in a flash so she missed and ended up falling into his arms, instead .

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 She looked up, somewhat infuriated by him .

 The man bowed his head and stared at her with keen interest .

 “Why are you still hiding this when you have already bought it?”

 This only made her terribly disgruntled!

 It appeared that she had become the scapegoat!

 This was an act that she did not want to be responsible for!

 The woman replied wryly, “I didn’t buy this stuff!”

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 “If not you, then who?”

 “I… I bought the wrong thing; what’s the issue with that?”

 She glared petulantly at him as she attempted to clarify . “I kept the set inside my drawer . Why did you flip through my stuff in the first place?”

 He corrected her solemnly . “Miss Yun, please watch your words; the drawer belongs to me . Are you giving me a hint when you put it inside my storage?”

 The drawer to the left of the broad, two-meter bed was set aside for his use; this was where he usually put his watch and handphone .

 In her hurry today, she had dumped the pack into his drawer without noticing it .

 When he returned home from work today, he went to the drawer to take out his phone charger when he saw the box .

 He was initially stunned at the sight .

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 That stupid woman actually went to buy a pack of condoms!

 However, he was even more stunned when he opened it to have a closer look .

 The box came with an adult toy, which looked especially real…

 Now, the man could no longer think straight .

 Giving her a suggestive look from his periphery, he showed an evil and mischievous smile on his lips . The way he looked at her made her want to dig a hole in the ground right there and then and bury her burning face from shame in it!

 “Stupid woman, is this a hint?”

 Yun Shishi looked down shamefully, totally avoiding his suggestive look . Still, she could not hide her ears away from his cheeky words .

 “Don’t tell me I wasn’t able to satisfy you, and that’s why you want to use…”

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 His thin lips plastered close to her ear, and she could feel his moist and warm breath panting next to her orifice, making her face blush brighter as her heart beat faster!

 “Shut up!” She told him off petulantly . “Hey! Can you be serious for once?!”

 “Aren’t I serious enough?”

 He was not going to let her off . Catching hold of her, he snuggled closer in an intimate way . “You haven’t seen the serious side of me yet . Do you want to have a look?”

 “No!” she blurted out at once .

 This only made him snigger ostensibly . Hooking his lips into an irreverent smile, he asked, “Why are you so cool toward me? And here I thought that you’re looking forward to it!”


 How dare he tease me now?!

 This man is really getting from bad to worse!

 The woman felt angry and upset when he continued with a sleazy look . “Since you already bought the product, why don’t we try to see its effect?”

 “That’s not necessary!”

 “Are you feeling shy?”

 He cocked his eyebrow, fully enjoying the experience of teasing his woman while savoring the shy expression on her face . She was interesting to look at!

 “You… Stop fooling around!”

 The man felt sorry for her as she furrowed her brows . Making her sit on his legs, he pacified, “Alright! I won’t tease you anymore . ”

 He decided to stop teasing her .

 He rested his chin lightly on her shoulder . She had just come out of the bathroom, and the fresh scent from the shower lingered on . Mesmerized, he sniffed the fragrance from her nape and traced his thin lips along her neck, moving slowly along the contour until he reached her forehead, before his gentle kiss landed on her glabella, nose tip, and, finally, her sakurlike lips .