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Published at 28th of June 2020 10:35:09 PM
Chapter 1551: 1551

“I don’t buy things unnecessarily,” explained Youyou .

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 Yun Shishi: “…”

 “Every item that I buy has use!”

 The moment she thought of the bras, undies, and the safer sex kits he had bought for her, her lips could not help twitching .

 Right then, though, her son’s words rang loud and clear in her head . ‘Do you know how painful it is to give birth to a baby?! Do you want to watch mommy suffer? Plus, it’s enough with the two of us!

 ‘According to my research, it’s best for her to wear the wireless types, instead, or else, she’ll feel very uncomfortable wearing them . It’s also bad for her health, so I secretly threw away those wired bras . ’

 Her temper simmered at that moment .

 No matter what, this little guy was doing things for her sake .

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 Even though her son had secretly bought undergarments and condoms for her, which was indeed embarrassing… the basis of this child’s actions was that he was thinking about her well-being .

 She sighed with knitted brows .

 “This time, mommy will forgive you! Next time…” She bit her red lip flap but still spat out words with much difficulty and shyness . “Mommy will buy these things by herself!”

 A smile graced the boy’s lips as he ran to her with open arms, saying affectionately, “I know that mommy won’t bear staying mad at me!”

 “This isn’t allowed from here on!”

 She could not help but warn him again .

 He gently nodded in agreement . “Okay!”

 Whatever mommy said would be followed!

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 “Still, mommy only knows how to work hard! You should be considerate with your needs, too . I am so worried because you don’t know how to take care of yourself!”

 She caressed her kid’s head and kissed him on the forehead before agreeing . “Alright . Mommy will from here on! You are only seven years old; why are you nagging like an old man already?”

 The boy turned red in an instant and mumbled indignantly, “Mommy called me an old man…”

 Behind him, Little Yichen covered his mouth as he let out a laugh .

 When Youyou heard his laughter, he turned around to glare at him .

 The latter ceased his laughter immediately .

 Yun Shishi flicked the younger boy’s forehead with her finger . “You are not allowed to bully your brother!”

 “Ugh… Alright! I know!”

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 That evening .

 When Mu Yazhe returned home, dinner was ready .

 The mother-son duo had prepared dinner for them .

 Having bought a baking oven, the boy baked a cheesecake . When the cake was brought out, his older brother leaned forward at the table and drooled greedily at the sight!

 After the dinner affair was concluded, the family of four headed out for a stroll . Following which, the woman accompanied her kids to watch TV before tucking them in for the night .

 Once she retired to the master bedroom, all she saw was the man holding the Okamoto set in his hand, completely shell-shocked .

 Her face blushed to a furious shade of red at the sight .

 Apart from the condoms, the set came with sex toys .

 As Youyou requested the seller to send more complimentary items, the latter kindly sent a few of these .

 She had not opened it up to check what was inside .

 When the man returned to the bedroom, he found it in the drawer, which was not closed properly . When he took the parcel out and opened it, he came face to face with the sex toys .

 Seeing her enter the room, he raised his head at her . His eyes were filled with mischief and playfulness, the air around him mysterious .

 “Did you buy these?”

 Her face turned so red it seemed she would emit steam as she quickly refuted, “No!”