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Published at 28th of June 2020 02:25:07 PM
Chapter 1550: 1550

“Say it; who bought all of these?!”

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 She pointed at the pile of packages on the floor .

 Amid them was the especially eye-catching pack of white Okamoto .

 When she pointed at it, Youyou’s face flushed deeply at once . He then pursed his lips in discomfort .

 Little Yichen furtively raised his finger and pointed it to his brother, silently indicating to their mother who had bought these items .

 He had shaken off all responsibilities .

 He tried to widen his eyes and blink them innocently and pitifully at her innocently . His pure and crystal-clear eyes seemed to be saying, ‘Mommy, I’m innocent here! I didn’t buy these things; I didn’t buy them…”

 His younger brother cast the finger furtively pointing to him a sidelong glance . Clearly, this brat was betraying him . He glanced at him coldly as if in silent warning .

 Rather than calling it a warning, it was more appropriate to call it a threat .

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 The older boy caught the threat in his brother’s eyes . The former bit his pink, lower lip flap as his finger yielded under the latter’s tyranny . Feeling wronged, he curled his finger and withdrew it into his sleeve pitifully .

 Yun Shishi caught this subtle exchange between the two with her eyes . Her face was filled with fury, but her heart was at a loss .

 These two really always had a way of defusing her fury just as she was about to erupt!

 Her younger son actually knew how to threaten his brother now…

 This was no easy feat!

 “Youyou… Why did you buy all these for?!” she asked in exasperation .

 “They are everyday necessities . ”

 It was clear that the boy was trying to win her over by saying, “Mommy, I bought you a massage chair! Since you work so hard every day, you can now come home and sit on it to relax . Its shaking power truly relieves stress!”

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 “How much did it cost?”

 “Thirty thousand . ” He was honest .

 He bought the most expensive massage chair and its vibrating power was truly great at relieving muscle stiffness . He had seen how tired his mother was, with a sore back and aching legs, following her return from Milan the last time . Her feet were almost numb after prolonged walking in high heels, causing his heart to ache so much for her!

 The moment she heard that the massage chair was that expensive, her eyes nearly popped out . “Thirty thousand?!”

 That was so expensive!

 “You are such a spendthrift!”

 She accused him with a broken heart .

 Her talent fee for completing a program was also thirty thousand yuan!

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 Youyou received a big blow upon hearing her censure, and as though having received a painful shot from his mother, he held his chest sadly . “Mommy, you actually called me… a spendthrift . ”

 How was he that?

 To him, such a sum was not even worth mentioning!

 How hurtful!

 His mother had actually called him a spendthrift!

 He moved to wipe his tears glumly .

 Seeing this, the corners of his mother’s lips twitched harshly . She felt as if she was at fault here, instead!

 In all honesty, she was not feeling any heartache over that money .

 She just did not feel good over him already spending money so extravagantly at such a young age!

 Kids this age should be educated about wise-spending and not to be an impulsive buyer!

 These children ought to understand that earning money required a lot of hard work, so they must value their parents’ hard-earned fruits of labor .

 “Did you know that it’s hard to earn money?” She guided him patiently and calmly .

 Was it that hard to earn money?

 The boy tilted his head to the side in confusion, obviously unable to empathize with her words .

 “Also, you are still young . Your allowance, as well as the money you use to buy things, is earned by daddy and mommy! It’s the fruit of our labor . Son, you must learn to cherish it! You shouldn’t buy things unnecessarily . ”