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Published at 28th of June 2020 02:25:14 PM
Chapter 1549

“I don’t care! I want a little sister!”

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 Youyou’s face darkened as he snorted . “Regardless of what you say, I will not stand by and watch mommy suffer!”

 He had once seen a documentary about a woman’s nine-month pregnancy and her delivery in an operating room .

 Although he was much younger back then, he was still shocked by the horrifying visuals!

 His mommy had actually gone through such a horrifying experience of giving birth to him .

 Some pregnant ladies had even been to hell and back just to give birth to their babies .

 After watching that documentary, the lad spent quite a long time feeling emotional!

 He felt heartache and sorrow . Even his guilt for his mother was magnified .

 This was why, afterward, he had become more considerate and doting to his mother .

 She had sacrificed so much and endured so much just to give birth to him, after all!

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 It was only right that he gave her all his love in return .

 Unfortunately, Little Yichen had no concept of this .

 He shot his brother a disdainful look and abruptly snorted . “Hmph! I know what you’re worried about . ”

 “What do you mean?”

 “You’re clearly worried that once mommy gives birth to a little sister, she’ll get all the love mommy has and leave you with nothing! Aren’t you just worried of someone else competing with you for mommy’s love?”

 He came up with a supposition .

 The corners of the younger one’s eyes twitched . “Compete for love?!”

 “Isn’t it? Don’t think I don’t know what you’re plotting!”

 The older boy shot the other a look which said, ‘I have seen through you!’

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 Speechless, the younger boy thought to himself, What ridiculous thing is this lad saying again?

 The older boy suddenly pulled a couple of sewing needles, which were previously used by the younger one to mend the curtains, and threateningly aimed to stab a packet of condom with them .


 Shocked, the latter hastily snatched the sewing needles from the former . “What are you doing?!”

 “I’m poking holes in this!”

 “This way, I’ll have a baby sister,” explained the former in a dreamy voice, his hands going to his cheeks .

 Furious, Youyou clenched his fists and raised them threateningly to his brother . “You rascal, do that again and I’ll punch you!”

 The uncowed boy snorted in response . All of a sudden, his eyes widened in fear at something behind his brother . Even his shoulders started trembling .

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 “What’s wrong?” asked the younger lad in surprise .

 Is he really so cowed by a threat?

 When did Mu Yichen become such a coward?

 “M-Mommy…” stammered his brother .

 The younger kid could not help casting a frightened look behind him .

 Following which…

 He saw his mother standing behind him, looking livid .


 From that eerie tone of voice, he could tell that a certain woman was enraged at that moment!

 “M-Mommy…” he croaked .

 Their mother’s brows furrowed as she snorted in reply .

 The frightened twins embraced each other in comfort as their teeth chattered .

 Before they could hide away from her, she reached her hands out at once and wrung them by their ears .

 “Wah… wah… wah…”


 Her smacking of the table scared them stiff . With an angry look on her face, she interrogated the two boys who were kneeling on the sofa . “Say it; who bought all of these?!”