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Published at 27th of June 2020 10:45:08 PM
Chapter 1548: 1548

What came into his sight were ten extracurricular assessment books .

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 All his expectations and enthusiasm were smothered at once like a fire doused with ice water .

 The excitement in his eyes, like withered grass, dimmed…

 Their mother almost burst out laughing at this scene and only held it in through sheer willpower .

 The two’s conversation was simply too amusing!

 It had never crossed her mind that her youngest son would give his older brother a stack of assessment books .

 The sight of her older son’s ashen face left her covering her mouth in a desperate attempt to stifle her laughter .

 The boy was still in a state of shock!

 “What are these?”

 “Well, my gift to you!”

 Being the considerate boy that he was, Youyou patted his twin’s shoulder . “We’ll be attending primary school soon! You must make an effort to improve your studies!”

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 These words were such a damper that it drowned out all the other boy’s excitement .

 “This is unfair…” he grumbled with a pout . “You gave mommy such a considerate gift, so why was I given these?!”

 The sight of these extracurricular assessment books was simply a nightmare to him!

 “Did you buy anything for daddy, then?”

 “I did . ”

 His sibling began rummaging through the parcels .

 A few seconds later, his mother and older brother were left gaping at the sight .

 What lay inside one of the parcels that the boy had opened were packets and packets of condoms .

 1Yun Shishi: “…”

 Little Yichen: “…”

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 She clawed at her chest as if she had been dealt a heavy blow and desperately tried to control the raging emotions in her .

 Okamoto… Durex…

 How embarrassing!

 What… are all these?!

 This brat…

 It was such an eye-opener to her!

 The older boy, on the other hand, had no idea what those things were at all .

 As he organized the parcels, the younger one chided, “These are used to protect mommy, dummy!”

 “Protect mommy?”

 “Aiya! You won’t get it, anyway!”

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 He was too lazy to explain it to him .

 Why is this kid always so curious? I don’t have the patience to answer each of his questions!

 Unfortunately, the other kept pestering him . “Explain it to me! You’re the knowledgeable one here, after all!”

 He retorted wisely, “You won’t understand it even if I explain; it’s unsuitable for children!”

 “Hmph! What’s unsuitable for children? I’m clearly your older brother; why can’t I know what you know?”

 He countered, “Do you know where we come from?”

 “I’m unsure . ”

 In a mysterious manner, he picked up a condom packet and explained, “With this thing, mommy won’t be able to give birth to a baby . ”

 Before their mother could react, the other boy with a strong sister-complex got to his feet and voiced his vehement protest .


 The younger boy blinked his eyes in confusion, apparently unable to understand why his brother got all agitated . “What are you getting so agitated for?”

 The latter muttered, “I want a little sister . With this thing, I won’t have a sister!”


 The former stood up in agitation as well . “Do you know how painful it is to give birth to a baby?! Do you want to watch mommy suffer? Plus, it’s enough with the two of us!”

 What he said was entirely out of consideration for his mother .

 However, how could his older sibling, without a complete understanding of the affairs between men and women, possibly understand the pain and suffering that a woman had to go through during the nine-month pregnancy and childbirth?

With his deep obsession over a little sister, nothing the younger brother said mattered to him .