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Published at 26th of June 2020 10:35:14 PM
Chapter 1545: 1545

“How is that possible?” He cocked a brow and smiled faintly at her . “Xiao Ya, you’re my most important person; no one can replace you!”

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 Tears welled up in the woman’s eyes as she hugged him in agitation and gave him a lingering French kiss .

 Scents of lust swirled around the king-size bed in the hotel room .

 Two hands lay interlocked on the bed . Amid the gasping sounds came a lazy moan of the female .

 The sheets lay crumpled and in disarray .

 After their intimate activity, the sound of the shower could be heard from the bathroom .

 Hua Jin sat leaning against the headboard, fiddling with the cigarette in his hand as he smoked .

 He stared vacantly at the empty space before him with an indolent yet nonchalant look on his alluring face . Under his disheveled, wet fringe were a pair of slightly dazed, almond-shaped eyes, which had gradually darkened in the lingering smoke .

 In the ashtray found at the edge of the bed lay several snuffed cigarette butts .

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 The man suddenly flipped open the white cover from his bare body and got off the bed to don a bathrobe . He then walked over to the window and peeled open a corner of the window blinds, condescendingly overlooking the city nightscape .

 An involuntary smirk spread across his face as Yun Shishi’s sullen face appeared in his mind . He found it very interesting .

 That girl is quite intriguing!

 A warm female body suddenly pressed against his back .

 “Who’s on your mind?”

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 He recollected his thoughts and turned slightly to face the coquettish woman who was back-hugging him .

 “You . ”

 Her cheeks reddened a little .

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 “What took you so long?”

 “Jin . ”


 Her red lips parted . “I watched your press conference . ”

 “Oh,” he replied dismissively and in a chilly tone, “What’s worth watching about it?”

 At her mention of that event, she turned inexplicably fretful . “From your screen time, I noticed that you kept staring at an actress . ”

 He feigned ignorance . “Which one?”

 “The one in white! I can’t recall her name, but it has a ‘Shi’ in it!”

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 He kept silent .

 She tightened her embrace around him, feeling aggrieved and displeased about his unconcerned attitude . “I’ve never seen you looking at me with such passionate eyes before! Between me and her, who is prettier?”

 “Of course, it’s you . ”

 He turned around and grabbed her jaw, smirking wickedly . “No one can match up to you . ”

 The woman could not resist pouting as her face flushed . “Do you know? I love this mouth of yours the most; it’s always so sweet . ”

 He, however, merely deepened his smirk . “You know what? I like your mouth, too . ”


 As he nibbled on her earlobe, he breathed into her ear . “You bite really hard at times . ”


 She pouted playfully as she pushed him back . Her shy face, though, revealed a sweet smile .

 He gave her a reassuring hug in return, but in her blind spot, those charming eyes of his revealed a hint of aloofness and indifference .

 He was no longer as passionate as before . In fact, he was somewhat filled with bone-cold weariness .

 When Yun Shishi got back home, she found her boys excitedly tearing apart the packaging of some parcels in the living room .

 Because of her quiet entrance, the two kids, in their excited state, failed to notice her .

 Even the older boy, with his keen senses, failed to detect her return .