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Published at 25th of June 2020 10:30:16 PM
Chapter 1541

Her action captured the attention of the idol . He could not help casting her a pensive look .

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 It was just a sneaky peek, though, and he quickly averted his eyes to look straight ahead, never once looking at her again .

 His eyes, however, held hints of playfulness in them .

 The first segment of the press conference was the interview of the cast . The show’s main leads were supposed to be the focus of it, but because of Yun Shishi’s recent popularity, she became the center of attention, overshadowing Lin Zhi .

 “There’s a rumor of you recently signing an ambassadorship contract with Louis Vuitton for Greater China; is it true?”

 “How do you feel being part of a big production?”

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 All the questions revolved around her .

 As for the main female lead of the movie, the actress felt snubbed . She scanned her surroundings from her seat; the majority of the cameras were pointed at her rival, and this made her even more furious .

 Lights kept flashing around the newbie . She answered all the questions of the media in a satisfactorily and orderly manner while maintaining her professional smile . Even the trickiest of questions was given a succinct reply, which gave the media something to write about yet left some room for herself . Her high EQ was indubitably revealed at this moment .

 Her spontaneous reactions were so well-executed, such that even her absent manager was highly satisfied with her performance as he watched the live broadcast on his phone .

 Lin Zhi was somewhat disgruntled, though .

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 These reporters really can’t differentiate between the main leads and the supporting characters . I’m the main lead for this movie—not her . Why is she getting all the attention, then?

 To outshine all the actresses in this press conference, I especially wore a flamboyant outfit and applied exquisite makeup . It’s all so I could become the center of attention here .

 Still, despite all my efforts, the cameras aren’t aimed at me . Isn’t this a little too much?!

 What is the production team doing? Didn’t they make arrangements with the media?

 I’m the main lead here—the one female lead in this production!

 Yun Shishi is just a minor character—a wicked one at that! Why should she get all the attention?

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 Is the female lead’s interview’s importance less than the supporting character’s?

 That’s simply ludicrous .

 Like a fossil, the actress gradually stiffened in her seat . Her shoulders, especially, were faintly trembling from sheer anger .

 Her fury, which was raging from within, was on the verge of exploding, albeit the forced smile on her face remained .

 For the sake of the conference, she could only contain her rage . The displeasure in her eyes could not be hidden, though .

 It was so bad that when she finally got a rare chance to be interviewed, she spoke in a harsh and unfriendly manner, even retorting to the reporters for some of the difficult questions . As such, the media became even more reluctant to interview her .

 They were more willing to interview Yun Shishi, whose ability to deal with impromptu questions was better .

 The crowd continuously burst into laughter during her interaction with them .

 She was a humorous person . Her answers were all interesting and witty, unlike the bashful and fake answers of the other artists . All the reporters marveled at this reserved celebrity who had a way with her words!

 Her EQ was simply too high!

 There were many tricky questions thrown at her, but she could always give them good answers for them .