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Published at 25th of June 2020 10:30:20 PM
Chapter 1540

“Hmph! She’s mad, indeed . Not only did she fail to recognize me, she even pounced on me to scratch my face . ”

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 Song Enya’s eyes shone with malice . She sullenly forced a smile as she turned to face the caretaker . “That’s nothing, though! She’s gone mad, after all; I can’t possibly behave in the same manner as that lunatic!”

 The caretaker fussed over her for a while before making her repeated pleas . “Please don’t mention anything about today, or else I’ll be fired from here! Please; I’m begging you…”

 “That’s enough! I got it . ” she acquiesced . “Oh, yes . What’s your name, anyway?”

 “Li Qian . ”

 “I got it . ”

 She then turned and left .

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 Before departing from the hospital, she stopped by the director’s office and let him know about the earlier event . She specifically brought up the matter .

 “One of your employees actually demanded a red packet from me when I requested for her to bring me to the patient I was visiting . How exactly do you groom your staff here that even a lowly caretaker dares to ask for bribes?”

 The director became livid at what he had heard and immediately made inquiries to confirm this matter before sacking the caretaker right on the spot .

 Having vented some of her anger, the young missy left the hospital grounds with a smug smile .

 No one could have an easy life when she suffered such a grievance!

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 After a few days’ rest, Yun Shishi was notified by the production team to attend a press conference for ‘Lethal Beauty’ .

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 Only at the press conference, with all the parties present, did she learn of the entire cast lineup .

 Lin Zhi was set to star as the female lead while Hua Jin, the primetime king, was arranged to be the male lead .

 As the former was a regular cast in period dramas, her role as the female lead did not bring much excitement to the public .

 The latter, meanwhile, was highly anticipated for the male lead role .

 This press conference was where Yun Shishi saw him for the first time . As she was situated far from him, she could only catch a glimpse of him . A term came to her mind right then: alluring!

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 He’s simply alluring .

 This man is truly beautiful .

 His beauty was not bound by gender . From afar, she could see that he had a fair and handsome palm-sized face, almond-shaped eyes—long and narrow, thin brows, and perfect facial contours . His face, specifically, was simply the work of gods; every detail was exquisitely crafted and stunningly beautiful .

 Her manager mentioned him before .

 ‘Hua Jin, the current primetime king, has a complicated background, so you must be careful when interacting with him . Stay away from him if you can; don’t get too close to him in the production team . ’

 He truly deserved his title .

 The man exuded a scholarly aura, which suited him rather well .

 On top of having a delicate and pretty face with rosy lips and pearly white teeth, this laidback idol also had fair skin and a gentle disposition, unlike the average man . It would not be ill-fitting to describe him as one of the four gorgeous beaus in ancient times .

 He had the timeless beauty that others could not help being mesmerized with .

 According to rumors, ‘Hua Jin’ was merely his stage name .

 His real name remained unknown to the public .

 The artist kept her manager’s advice in mind . Since he had specifically mentioned her co-star’s complicated background and the need for her to act prudently around him, she inconspicuously sat a few seats away from the idol instead sitting next to him when the main cast took their seats at the interview panel .