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Chapter 1539: 1539
Chapter 1539: I will still recognize you even if you turn into a pile of ashes .

She wiped at her wounds with her handkerchief, all along grimacing in pain, as she looked at the woman’s hands . Under the latter’s long, broken nails were black and yellow filth, which made her feel nauseous!

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The sight was absolutely disgusting!

Oh, god . How dirty were her hands?!

When the woman lunged at her, she drove the air, pervaded by extremely foul odor, toward her .

Song Enya looked at the room behind the woman, only to see that it was stained with excrements, vomit stains, and urine puddles . The sight could make one numb all over!

“Yun Shishi, I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!!” screamed the woman like a madman .

She was stumped at first, but soon, a strange and malicious look surfaced on her face . “Do you recognize me now?”

“I will still recognize you even if you turn into a pile of ashes! I’ll never let you off! You deserve to die! You deserve to die! You killed my child! It’s you who killed my child!”

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“…Child? What child?”

She was taken aback .

Why did this crazy woman say that that b*tch killed her child?

Was she not infertile?

Could it be…

Was the baby hers and Brother Mu’s?

The moment she thought of that, her face turned ghastly pale .

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“Where did your child come from?”

Whenever that man was implicated in an issue, she would lose her rationality easily . She went hysterical in an instant as she questioned the woman before her sternly . “Say it! Is the child yours and Brother Mu’s?! Say it! Spit it out!”

It seemed that the other did not hear her words at all, though, as she merely threw herself at the metal bars and, with an oddly insidious look, screamed, “It’s all because of you! All your fault! You caused my child’s death! You did! Give me back my child; give back my child…”

Song Enya became even more nervous . She rushed forward and slapped the woman across the face, leaving a deep, palm print behind .

“Sl*t, you haven’t answered my question yet! Speak: Where did your child come from?!”

“He he he! My child is gone, gone… My child was killed by you…”

Alas, the other merely continued raving madly as she became incomparably depressed . She slid to the ground, her eyes empty and soulless .

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“My child is gone… My child is gone… Yun Shishi, you deserve to die… You should die…”

Anger and indignation filled the rich missy’s chest, but she had regained her composure by then . She sneered at herself for even trying to argue with a lunatic!

Where did that child even come from?!

She was just being delusional!

Because of infertility, this woman must have imagined herself pregnant with a child .

She eyed the woman, her heart full of anger, but was still inwardly delighted .

At least, this woman was now crazy!

He he! This was the outcome of trying to go against her!

“Who asked you to fight against me?!” she suddenly cursed . “Who asked you to fight with me for Brother Mu?! Mu Wanrou, this is your retribution! You can never win against me! You, and Yun Shishi, too! He’s mine . You guys have no right to fight with me over him!”

She then let out a cold snort before turning around and walking away .

Once she left the ward, the attendant rushed over to catch up to her . Just as she moved to speak, she saw the two scratches on the visitor’s face and was taken aback .

“Y-Your face… Were the marks caused by her?”