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Published at 23rd of June 2020 02:25:06 PM
Chapter 1535: 1535

After sitting awhile more in the living room, he left for the study to do some reading .

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 Song Enya, meanwhile, remained dazedly sitting on the sofa .

 Has Mu Wanrou truly gone mad?

 De An is the sole psychiatric hospital in the capital . Those confined there are all mentally unstable . Is that woman… really staying there?

 She drove to the said hospital the next afternoon . A security guard stopped her just as she was about to enter the place .

 “Hello, miss . You’re…”

 She tensed up for a bit before feigning calmness . “I’m here to visit a family member of mine . ”

 “Oh, please register your name,” ordered the security guard .

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 After randomly filling in a name and a contact number on the visitor’s logbook, she was allowed into the hospital .

 A bone-chilling air seized her just as she stepped into the inpatient department .

 Despite the spacious hall, the large, empty space was stifling .

 Somehow, the wind, which was blowing from all directions, gave her the chills .

 According to rumors, the mental hospital was a terrifying place as any mentally sound person, after being locked up here for a period, would surely wound up mad from its stifling atmosphere .

 That saying was completely well-founded .

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 It was a truly depressing place which felt like hell .

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 She could even hear hysterical cries coming from the other end of this long corridor on the third floor .

 She turned quizzically in that direction . Here, the wards were designed to have two layers of protection: a wooden door and grills made of steel .

 Right now, a mentally deranged patient was frantically clawing and shaking the steel door as he howled . His cries, which echoed through the corridor, made her somewhat flustered .

 “Hello, miss—”

 The abrupt call coming from the back startled her so much that she yelped in alarm . The frightened woman pivoted on her heel, only to see an embarrassed caretaker standing there and looking helplessly at her .

 “I’m sorry; did I startle you?”

 Annoyed that she had made a great fuss over nothing, she immediately calmed herself before revealing a bright smile . “I’m sorry . I… I was just slightly startled by you . ”

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 “It’s fine . ” After a pause, the caretaker carefully probed her . “Who are you looking for, miss?”

 “Oh, I’m here to visit someone . ”

 “Can I get the patient’s name?”

 She looked into the other’s eyes, hesitated for a moment, and carefully replied, “Her name is Mu Wanrou . ”

 “Mu Wanrou?”

 From the caretaker’s quizzical look, though, it was apparent that she had not heard of that name .

 “Hold on; I’ve got a photo of her . ”

 Song Enya fished out a photo of that woman from her bag and handed it to this hospital staff .

 The other’s face instantly changed the moment her gaze landed on the photo .

 She immediately returned the picture and shook her head . “There’s no such person here!”

 The panicky look on her face had given her away, alas!

 Based on what this young missy had learned from her psychology classes since freshman, she could tell that the hospital staff recognized the woman in the photo!

 She’s lying!

 That woman is here . I believe my brother!