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Chapter 1534

“Why are you here?”

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 Just as he spoke, Mu Wanrou got all panicky upon catching sight of the caretaker coming closer to her . The flustered woman hid behind him at once, pointed a finger at the caretaker, and wailed in accusation, “Devil! You’re evil! Don’t come over, you child murderer! Get lost; get lost!”

 Hiding behind him, she cried hysterically . It was as if she had seen a ghost with how wide her eyes were open .

 The man felt awkward .

 The caretaker, meanwhile, felt helpless about the crazy woman and called the security to report that a patient had sneaked out of her ward .

 He remained rooted in one place even when the security took the woman back to her ward .

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 He later learned from the hospital director that the patient had lost her mind from a traumatic experience . She had severe paranoia and an unstable mental health condition .

 An unknown person had brought the woman over without leaving any details about her behind . That person merely requested for the hospital take care of her, and a medical center would be built as recompense .

 This was why the director had happily agreed to it .

 While he knew that the director had not disclosed everything to him, he just assumed that the hospital had been told to conceal the woman’s identity when she was sent over .

 When the woman had gone insane, out of moral obligations, the Mus had sent her to this psychiatric hospital, giving her a slightly decent place to stay, but because of her special status, they had repeatedly told the hospital to keep everything confidential and ban anyone from disclosing any information .

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 Song Yunxi left the hospital immediately after he received the endorsed letter .

 His sister remained incredulous after hearing the whole story!

 How could a mentally stable person go mad out of the blue?

 He could not help sighing . “Enya, you weren’t there to witness that scene! She used to be a classy rich missy, but now, she’s reduced to nothing! With her messy hair and mad actions, she’s no better than a beggar! I don’t know what happened to her, but she’s indeed crazy now . I suppose that her condition is a lost cause, and she can probably only spend the rest of her life in that hospital!”

 Song Enya found the shock hard to recover from .

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 “I still can’t believe it . How did she go mad? Which hospital is she at?”

 “De An Hospital,” he answered .

 A pondering look appeared on his sister’s face .

 “What? Don’t you believe me? Must you go see her for yourself to believe it?” He feigned annoyance .

 She hurriedly appeased him . “That’s not it, bro! What are you saying? I just find it incredulous!”

 “Same here . The last time we met was at the Mu’s family banquet; she’s still glamorous back then, but now, she’s actually become so pathetic!”

 She was still baffled . “Just what happened to her exactly? She couldn’t have possibly gone mad over nothing; she must’ve received a great mental shock . ”

 “That’s enough . You’re so stupid; no need for you to ponder on such useless things!”

 She argued back, “What? You only know how to make fun of me!”

 He could not resist caressing her head . “Anyway, she is indeed hysterically mad now and recognizes no one; that woman didn’t even recognize me despite me standing in front of her . ”