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Published at 23rd of June 2020 02:25:12 PM
Chapter 1533

His footsteps paused at what he saw . That caretaker, while pressing that female patient’s head into the fountain pool, pinched her and cursed, “Lunatic! Crazy b*tch! Who asked you to scratch and bite me?! I’ll drown you to death! I’ll drown you to death!”

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 The wild and frantic struggles of the patient sent water splashing everywhere .

 Frowning at the sight, Song Yunxi stormed ahead and grabbed the caretaker’s arm . “What are you doing?!”


 With a yelp, the startled woman stopped what she was doing at once and looked at the unfamiliar man, who appeared distinguished in his suit and leather shoes, with trepidation .

 Having been caught red-handed, the helpless caretaker stammered an explanation, “T-That… I apologize for letting you witness such a scene, sir! I… I don’t mean to do this, but this patient is really aggressive; once she acts up, she’ll start clawing and biting people like a mad person . I just wanted to teach her a lesson out of my desperation!”

 The aggrieved woman then pulled up her sleeves . “Look; these wounds are inflicted by her! You’d better stay away from her, sir, lest she hurt you!”

 The abused patient, on the other hand, collapsed at the edge of the pool in the midst of the former’s agitated explanation and lay there with her wet hair clinging to her body, coughing away at her newfound freedom .

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 His brows wrinkled . For a moment, he found her somewhat familiar when she raised her head during her coughing fit .

 He charged forward at once and grabbed her collar, forcing her to lift her head; her silky hair parted to reveal a familiar face .

 Mu Wanrou!

 Why is it her?!

 He was thoroughly shocked!

 Her haggard and disheveled appearance was why the man had failed to recognize her at first sight . All sorts of wounds marred her exposed skin . She seemed to be a stranger with that pallid, sunken face and orbs as empty and lifeless as a soulless puppet .

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 Why is it her?!

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 Why is she here?

 Amid his surprise, he found it incredulous even more . He asked the caretaker beside him, “What’s this patient’s name?!”

 “Do you know her, sir?”

 “Answer me!”

 His face turned dark and somber with his patience running out .

 She stammered, “H-Her… name wasn’t registered during her admittance to the hospital, but she’d often call out a name during her relapses . ”

 “Whose name?”

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 “I think it’s… Yun Shishi! I remember it clearly because it’s the same name as that popular celebrity . ”

 His orbs darkened when he heard that .

 The man turned around and looked at the patient with a skeptical gaze before tentatively calling, “Mu Wanrou?”

 There seemed to be some sort of response from the woman; she blinked and cast her gaze on him at his call!

 “You… How do you know my name?” Behaving like a young kid, she pointed at him and then at herself while giggling away . “Do you know me?”

 Color instantly drained from his face!

 His suspicion was confirmed .

 She’s Mu Wanrou, indeed .

 Why is she here, though?

 This is a psychiatric hospital!

 Patients with mental issues are locked up here .

 It’s a living hell here .