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Published at 23rd of June 2020 02:25:14 PM
Chapter 1532

She pestered her brother for more details as soon as she recovered from her shock . “Surely not? Bro, you’re lying . ”

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 “Why would I lie to you?”

 Placing her hands behind her back, she looked at the man skeptically . “Maybe you’re pulling my leg . ”

 Song Yunxi sat on the sofa, lit a cigarette, and took a puff . The sight of his doubtful sister pestering him left him thoroughly amused . “Do I have nothing else better to do other than cracking such a lousy joke with you?”

 “How did you know about it, then?”

 Despite being somewhat unconvinced . she decided to compromise to learn more about the situation from him .

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 “You’re keen to know?”

 He deliberately kept her in suspense as he snorted and wrapped his arms around his chest . “I’m tired after a day’s work . If you want to know more, then take the initiative and massage my shoulders!”

 The younger sister pouted helplessly and could only get on her feet, walk behind him, and knead his shoulders .

 Once he felt relaxed enough, he spilled the beans to her .

 There was a large and well-funded government psychiatric hospital in the capital .

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 With regard to Mu Wanrou’s matter, it was wholly by chance that he found out about it .

 Because of an unspeakable matter, he had to make a trip to the hospital to get an endorsement for a psychiatric evaluation report .

 He did not mention this to his sister, but his friend, being his young and frivolous self, had gotten into some trouble and was sued to court . The lawsuit would put the latter in a serious disadvantage unless, of course, he had a psychiatric diagnostic report, which would help lighten his sentence .

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 Thus, that friend found him through his father and requested his help in securing that document after stating the purpose of his visit .

 He initially refused, but that friend of his was rather ‘sensible’; he passed him a special envelope . Only after he opened it to peek did he agree to do him the favor .

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 It was why he had been busy over this matter for the entire day .

 As he waited for the diagnostic report at the hospital, he roamed the courtyard out of boredom .

 It was entirely a coincidence that he chanced upon Mu Wanrou there .

 There was a desolate courtyard in the hospital with a man-made waterfall . The environmental facilities there were exquisitely elegant .

 During his loitering, he saw a caretaker strangling a patient’s neck while pulling her to the fountain by her collar before unhesitatingly dunking the latter’s head into the water .

 That scene did not surprise him too much, though, since such occurrences were common at any psychiatric hospitals .

 There were many patients with serious mental conditions there . They recognized no one and would act wildly during relapses, which resulted in them injuring the doctors and caretakers working there .

 Some good-natured caretakers would not pursue the matter as they knew that they were sick and did not do it on purpose .

 Others, however, were petty . Should they get scratched and bitten by the patients, they would clandestinely pull them aside out of anger to abuse them and give them a good thrashing until they were all bruised and swollen .

 For the patients with notable family backgrounds, the caretakers would violently stab their bodies with very fine needles to vent their anger .

Such methods were commonplace at psychiatric hospitals .