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Published at 23rd of June 2020 02:25:16 PM
Chapter 1531

Jealousy pent up within Lin Zhi at the thought of this .

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 This news came as a shock to Song Enya as well .

 The young missy was abroad awhile back to relieve her troubles .

 The moment she came back, she learned of this news .

 Being a socialite who had always paid attention to fashion, she was familiar with all the big brands and was even a fervent fan of international brands, such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel .

 Thus, imagine her shock when she came across this news while scrolling through Weibo .

 Yun Shishi actually signed on with Louis Vuitton?

 This surely is another deal Brother Mu got for her .

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 How else could a newbie clinch such a top fashion contract?

 In the following days after her return from abroad, she found out that there seemed to be a major change in the Mu family—a huge upheaval, in fact .

 Mu Lianjue, the Fourth Mu who was a core figure in the family, had passed away .

 Not only that, she also noticed that Mu Wanrou seemed to have vanished into thin air, with the family publicly announcing that Mu Yazhe and the woman had broken off their engagement .

 She did not know if this was news to be overjoyed or worried about .

 The joyous thing was that she would now stand a chance to be with the man since his engagement had been called off .

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 The worrisome thing, on the other hand, was that the news meant nothing if Yun Shishi, that stumbling block, was not dealt with!

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 The very thought of that woman left Song Enya feeling repulsed!

 Why isn’t Brother Mu sick of her yet?

 His feelings for her should’ve long faded away .

 Alas, she saw that love rival’s sickening and abhorring face as soon as she returned from abroad .

 She suddenly recalled that b*tch’s smug face that day when she made a visit and apologized to her on the man’s account . It felt as if she had swallowed down a live fly; it was wholly disgusting!

 In her eyes, that woman was just a lowly commoner, whereas she was a lofty young missy of a wealthy family . On what rights did the former have to demand her to bow down and humbly apologize to her?!

 Nonetheless, on account of her dearest Brother Mu, she could only endure and suffer such a humiliation . For the sake of him, that grievance was nothing she could not bear with a clench of her teeth .

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 The problem, though, was that that commoner dared not accept her apology and still accused her of insincerity!

 How she wished she could rip her into pieces!

 As a lofty big missy of such a prominent family, a socialite, and the mayor’s daughter, she had already bestowed a great favor to her by apologizing!

 Never mind if she did not appreciate it, but that woman still insulted her!

 Unfortunately, with the man backing and doting on that commoner, there was nothing she could do to her for now!

 This was the most infuriating part of all!

 She could not take it lying down!

 Since she could not do anything about it, she left for abroad to relieve her frustrations .

 The moment she got back, she heard the news that Brother Mu and Mu Wanrou’s engagement had been dissolved .

 Not long after knowing about that, though, her biological brother brought her astounding news!

 “Enya, do you know that Mu Wanrou has gone mad?”

 The news left her flabbergasted and incredulous for a while!

 “What? She’s gone mad?”

 As Song Yunxi hung his coat on the clothes rack, he asked, “What? Judging from your expression, you don’t believe me . ”