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Published at 21st of June 2020 10:20:06 PM
Chapter 1530: 1530

The speculations were confirmed about half a month later .

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 Yun Shishi’s personal Weibo posted a series of images in a prolific move to announce her role as LV’s brand ambassador .

 The announcement immediately caused a great stir in the industry!

 Lin Zhi was especially infuriated!

 In reality, Qin Zhou had made this trip to Milan for the purpose of discussing this endorsement with Han Donghua .

 The two of them had known each other for some time and were on good terms .

 Right about this time, Louis Vuitton was eagerly seeking a brand ambassador to develop a market share in the Greater China region .

 Hence, during the Milan Fashion Week, the manager actively promoted his artist .

 The group CEO was initially hesitant . After all, the artist, who had just debuted quite recently, had limited popularity .

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 However, he was completely won over by her classy and elegant oriental-style on the red carpet!

 He was an American-born Chinese . Although he was born and raised in the U . S . , he was highly patriotic .

 Her exotic and magnificent classical aura attracted him instantly!

 Thus, he spoke to Shi Ande and recommended her to him .

 This region’s brand director equally admired the actress, but before their discussion, Han Yuyan’s team had already reached out to express their interest to him .

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 Louis Vuitton’s headquarters also preferred Han Yuyan as their new brand ambassador .

 This boiled down to the fact that the starlet had a longer track record compared to the other actress, but this all changed on the night of the gala, where Yun Shishi appeared in her cheongsam with a smartly dressed Mu Yazhe . The brand director changed his mind right then and chose to make the newbie artist their next Greater China brand ambassador without further ado .

 This was all because she had the Mu Group chairman beside her .

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 In fact, it was sufficient to rely solely on his name .

 This was what power could get for her!

 Putting aside the element of power, she was better than the veteran starlet and had more powerful resources .

 In the end, Han Yuyan was mercilessly phased out of the competition .

 When the starlet caught wind of this, she was so upset that she flew home on the very day and was downcast ever since .

 This was a cruel fate for her!

 Her team had worked long and hard for that opportunity!

 Alas, in the end, she lost to a newbie!

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 Being utterly shameful for her; she might as well be banished to Siberia!

 This was not the worst, though!

 She later found out that the newbie’s contract with Louis Vuitton reached eight figures!

 The actress almost vomited blood in grievous anger .

 Eight figures!

 It was an endorsement worth ten million!

 In what way does that newbie deserve this?

 For such a big brand, the contract for a mega actress stopped at eight digits .

 How could a newbie like her hold a contract that’s worth the same?!

 Even Xingze’s contract was only at seven digits when he first signed on with Louis Vuitton!

 When her team approached Louis Vuitton, they informed the brand that she was willing to forgo the endorsement fee .

 Now, that newbie has actually signed on an eight-digit endorsement!

 This was too much for the woman to bear .

 Lin Zhi was equally unhappy .

 When she found out the astronomical sum that the newcomer would be receiving as endorsement fee, she broke into tears on the spot .

 Inside, she was cursing and swearing at the newbie .

 How did that woman get her hand on such a good deal? Did she use any underhanded means, or… did Mu Yazhe get that endorsement for her?!