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Published at 20th of June 2020 11:30:06 PM
Chapter 1527: 1527

[The Mu Group has a big impact on the country’s economy and is practically the heart of it . He’s got the dough and the looks—he’s practically God’s favored one!]

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 [AHHHHH! How handsome he is! That conglomerate’s chairman is such a dreamy guy! I’ve decided to have his children!]


 Youyou nearly spat out a mouthful of milk on the desktop screen when he came across that particular netizen’s comment . He tried hard to hold it back, only to have himself choking on the milk and coughing incessantly!

 Dream on!

 These people actually dare to eye my daddy and even want to give birth to his children?

 Is that possible?

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 He then logged into his account . His fingers flew across the keyboard, typing out several lines in response .

 [Arthur: You want to sleep with him? Auntie, let me give you a kind reminder: It’s still daylight now . Go to the supermarket to buy a pillow; it’ll be faster to make your dream come true in your sleep!]

 Just a few seconds after he posted that comment, that furious netizen reacted back . [Who are you?! What does it have to do with you whether I sleep with my Greek god or not?! Busybody!]

 The boy frowned before smirking . [He’s my daddy, so of course I have the right to say that . Hmph! Give up, aunty! My daddy is taken!]

 1With that, he gracefully leaned back in his chair in a comfortable and lazy posture .

 That person replied half a minute later . [I think you’re the one who’s dreaming . Who are you to claim that he’s your daddy? Where did a primary school student like you come from?! Tsk! You’re sick in the head! No one here believes that he’s your daddy!]

 His brow arched, but he no longer replied . He simply switched off the desktop and jubilantly walked to the French window .

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 It feels great to be seeing daddy and mommy appearing in public while holding hands!

 It seems that the so-called happiness isn’t too tough a matter!

 Upon getting off the plane, Yun Shishi rushed home with Mu Yazhe in tow .

 Once the boy knew that his dearest mother had returned, he specially cooked a feast for her . His cooking skills had been improving by the day and had recently reached a new level compared to the past .

 The woman nearly flew up the sky in bliss when she tasted a mouthful of the pork belly he had cooked for her .


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 It tastes divine!

 No food can compare to the food my son cooks!

 While furiously stuffing herself with food, the woman suddenly thought that she was very fortunate . Not only did she have a well-behaved son, that son of hers also mastered an excellent skill called cooking, which held her stomach captive!

 She was viciously jealous of her future daughter-in-law as she tasted his homemade chicken broth; her tears were about to leak .

 The lad exchanged glances with his father and twin brother; their expression had turned dark .


 “Yes?” She looked up at him . “What is it, my dear son?”

 Her son shot her a contemptuous and dumbfounded look . “Did you really come back from Milan’s Fashion Week?”

 “Of course—”

 Before she could fully reply, the boy cut in with a frown . “From your table manners, you look more like a refugee from Africa . ”


 Hurt by his sarcastic remark, the woman felt as if there were tens of thousands of arrows piercing right through her heart . She whined grievously, “Son, you have such a vicious mouth!”

 “The truth always hurts,” he mercilessly retorted . “Mommy, I find you pitiful . Seeing how you eat, you were probably starved to death in your last life . ”