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Published at 20th of June 2020 11:30:10 PM
Chapter 1526

One really had to marvel at the extraordinary talent of this man!

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 He actually got her measurements right down to a T!

 Be it her chest, her waist, or even her hips, the clothes fit her just right in all areas .

 Even the design and the fabric covered all the love marks on her body, especially the glaring ones on her neck, which could have been easily seen .

 She really would not know how to meet people in that state, otherwise .

 Oh, god…

 What has he done to my body?!

 She found it infuriating and ridiculous!

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 After consuming the brunch he had ordered for her, she suggested going out and wandering around the streets; since they were already here, they might as well buy some souvenirs before leaving .

 “There’s nothing nice to shop in Milan . ”

 The man did not have any better suggestions, though .

 While this city was a shopping paradise, there was particularly no meaningful place here .

 Their flight back to the country had already been arranged .

 Since she had decided to return home earlier, she made a phone call to her manager to inform him .

 “You’re heading back today?!”

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 Sure enough, Qin Zhou was livid at the news .

 “There’re still a few more shows to go . Instead of staying and performing well here, there you go wanting to head home . If you don’t cherish such a good opportunity, how are you going to succeed in your career?”

 Feeling aggrieved, she whimpered, “I’m satisfied to know that I’m in the headlines . ”

 Qin Zhou: “…”

 She whimpered, “Boss, please let me return! I’m truly exhausted; I need a good rest! I still have several filming lined up; I need to maintain a good condition in order to deal with the tough scenes . ”

 Only then did her manager relent . “Forget it; we’ll just skip the rest of the show! You go back home first!”

 “Okay . ”

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 On their way to the private airport, they passed by the bustling Times Square, where a feature of the previous night’s banquet was displayed on the large electronic screen .

 The couple’s figures appeared on it .

 As she looked at the image of them holding hands, her lips involuntarily curled up .

 There were endless articles regarding the Fashion Week prior to the event on Weibo . Naturally, many news websites produced their respective exclusive coverage of the event .

 As it was Mu Yazhe’s first media appearance, it was inevitable that she hit the headlines through his fame .

 There had, all along, been a lot of public speculation on this mysterious and young chairman of the Mu Group .

 With this mysterious ‘crown prince’ finally revealing himself at Milan’s Fashion Week, his handsome looks, coupled with his elegant and noble demeanor, instantly attracted the attention of countless people .

 His appearance was indubitably an astonishment!

 It was so much that his limelight even outshone all the other local listers who attended the Fashion Week . The man steadily remained at the top of the search rankings .

 Netizens soon branded him as ‘the nation’s Greek god’ on Weibo .

 [Gosh! Mu Group’s CEO is such a hunk!]

 [He’s simply beyond handsome! Heavens, I’m gonna abandon Xingze and chase after this dreamy president, instead!]

 [He could’ve made a living with that look of his, yet he chose to rely on his talents, instead . I heard that that young and mysterious big boss has a net worth of hundreds of millions!]

 [Hundreds of millions?! Just how much money is that?!]