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Published at 19th of June 2020 10:20:11 PM
Chapter 1523

His passionate bedroom behavior could make a woman blush, indeed . Before others, he always had a restrained and deterring aura for anything related to love and sex .

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 Among the elites, many ladies stayed away from him simply because rich, young men like him would have messy relationships .

 Still, he had none of those supposed relationships .

 This was considered a rarity among the elites .

 What was the reality, though?

 There was no man uninterested in sex or truly abstinent—none, in fact .

 This kind of sensitive affair would require the right party to get involved with .

 In another word, even if Lin Zhi were to strip off all her clothes and stood there in all her nakedness in front of him, he would not bat an eyelid .

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 However, if, at this moment, this woman in his arms were to stand in front of him, fully clothed, and did nothing except give him a look, he would have the urge to do her there and then!

 He was a man full of vitality and could last sufficiently long each time he did it .

 After a wild dalliance on the sofa, she panted from exhaustion, whereas the man could be seen frowning in dissatisfaction!

 This place is too small!

 There were some moves he could not execute on this limited ‘battlefield’ . Unable to showcase his maneuvers, he grudgingly carried the breathless woman to the bed inside the bedroom with big strides .

 1Her petite frame bounced slightly on the spacious king-size bed when he threw her down .

 Almost immediately, his tall, broad frame came down on her and fluidly merged as one with her . He was adamant on continuing with the earlier unsatisfying ending!

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 Right at this moment, he was tortured senseless by her .

 This d*mn, little woman is just too good to be true!

 He was especially mesmerized by the warmth he found inside her . Once inside, he could not bear to leave . Her intermittent moans only made it more unbearable for him . He did not want to withdraw from her at all!

 “I can’t… no—I can’t anymore…”

 Almost in tears, she clung onto the bedsheets and pleaded, “Mu Yazhe, I-I’m going to die soon…”

 Her ridiculous plea almost disrupted his activity in the thick of things .

 He held back a chuckle . Leaning down, he bit her earlobe mischievously and told her in an overbearing tone, “I won’t let you die!”

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 She was too weak to even glare at him .

 Absurd .

 It’s just too absurd .

 It was close to midnight by the time they finished with their wanton copulation . He finally came to a stop after more pleading from her .

 The long-suppressed riotous craving inside him was finally released . Weighing down on her, he could not bear to let it end at all .

 The woman’s bones were about to fall apart after his rampage!

 Her repeated cries for mercy were wasted on him . This man with boundless energy refused to listen to her and, despite her fatigue, continued to provoke her with those embarrassing moves and postures .

 It’s too despicable!

 He’s like a monster!

 This man seemed to hold a well of rechargeable energy .

 He finally ended it after giving her his all and just when the woman thought she would collapse .