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Published at 19th of June 2020 10:20:13 PM
Chapter 1522

Finally, clenching her fists and gathering all her courage and might, she blurted out with much difficulty, “You belong to me!”

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 1You belong to me!

 You belong to me only!


 She lifted her eyes at him pensively as if to continue with what she could not get out of her chest .

 His eyes blurred, and he stared at her, too stunned for words .

 He did not expect to hear this from her after his long wait .

 She grasped helplessly at the edge of his bathrobe, hinting of her silent protest, and asked, “You belong to me, right?” Her voice had dipped by then to a nearly pleading level .

 He said before that he only belonged to her .

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 He would give her his world; he would be her entire universe .

 After a long while, the man suddenly chuckled . He then clasped her chin and dipped his head slightly to drop a light kiss on her lips, which could not seem to stop talking .

 “You are right . ”

 His broad and warm palm covered her entire face .

 Her face was so delicate and refined that he had to hold it carefully with his hand for fear of hurting her!

 He tasted her lips and refused to leave . Opening his charming eyes slightly, he stared ahead . His dark orbs sparkled like a constellation in the sky!

 Their faces were so close that their eyelashes overlapped and rubbed against each other’s .

 His eyelashes were so long that they cut across her orbs for a second, making her feel a slight ticklish sensation .

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 He so loved this most adorable little woman standing before him!

 Reaching for the tip of her nose, he clung tighter onto her waist and robbed her lips with his while he breathed, “Listen…”

 She looked deep into his eyes .

 “I belong… to you only . ”

 Since the start, he had only belonged to her .

 He meant every bit of his words and enunciating every syllable seriously .

 “Do you like my answer?”

 I like… she nearly blurted out .

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 Something inside her seemed to crumble without a hitch!

 As she stood stunned on the spot, he hooked his lips and kissed her without waiting for a reply .

 This time around, the kiss was not domineering; instead, it was soft and heart-melting in gentleness .

 He kept their kiss going as the two hugged their way from where they stood all the way down to the hall .

 They fell on the sofa in each other’s arms and continued from there . For him, it was no longer enough, and he wanted more .

 Without leaving her lips, he untied the knot on the bathrobe at her waist in a few seconds .

 The tight knot she had tied was nothing to him .

 She was almost suffocating from the kiss . What was invaluable this time around was that he gave her some breathing space for once, but it was not long after that he sealed her lips once more .

 She reached up and hooked her hands around his neck .

 For once, she displayed a rare moment of proactiveness as she clasped the edge of his bathrobe to reveal his muscular shoulders unreservedly .

 He could not help teasing her . “Little woman, are you so anxious this time?”

 She was washed with embarrassment following his comment . Her blushing face instantly lowered as she stopped her action and moved to withdraw her hand .

 He caught hold of her hand and demanded imperiously, “Why aren’t you continuing?”