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Published at 18th of June 2020 10:35:08 PM
Chapter 1521: 1521

Having someone feeling jealous was surprisingly… good!

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 It was not a bad feeling!

 At least, it made him feel cared about!

 In great spirits, Mu Yazhe reached out and turned her body toward him by her shoulders . His eyes were filled with playfulness .

“Are you jealous?”

 His voice was low and soft, filled with seduction and magnetism, just like a glass of thick and sweet wine, which could make one drunk from listening .

 Even Yun Shishi was stunned by the raw magnetism in his voice .

 She came back to her senses and shut her lips tightly, keeping herself unforthcoming .

 His gaze landed on her face . It was sweet, adorable, and a little dissatisfied, yet it made him secretly more excited .

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 He lowered his head and accurately covered her lips with his, softly sucking on the tender and moist flesh .

 She unconsciously pushed him away .


 He was too busy to care about her struggle .

 She used even more strength and pushed him away by a distance .

 “I’m still angry!”

 The unspoken implications behind her words were that she was in no mood to do such things now .


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 He furrowed his eyebrows, feeling unhappy about her rejection .

 He did not like it, but he could tell that she was in a dilemma .

 The woman raised her eyes to him and said seriously, “I don’t want such things to happen again!”

 She did not want to ever see such a ridiculous scene, where another woman was hanging onto him and sending herself up to his hotel room door!

 She hated it and did not want to see it ever again . It was disgusting and off-putting!

 Off-putting because she was extremely insecure .

 She was afraid of losing him .

 The taste of such insecurity was awful and not pleasant at all!

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 The man stared at her without saying a word .

 Yun Shishi waited for the man’s reply, but when she did not hear anything from him, she raised her head uneasily, only to find him looking at her closely as if in deep thought!

 “What’s the matter? Is my request too overboard?” She bit her lower lip .

 “You should just admit that you are jealous . ”

 Mu Yazhe suddenly raised the corners of his lips and nodded his head . He moved closer to her face and matched his gaze with hers, pressing against the tip of her nose as he said, “You are being jealous of me . ”

She was stumped, but deep down, she knew that she was indeed jealous . It was undeniable . However, reserved and bashful, she was unable to admit it .

 “I just… don’t like it,” she reasoned .

 She stumbled over her words, clumsy like a child who was lost on what to do, unsure of how to express the sourness in her .

 “I don’t like—don’t like this feeling!”


 The man patiently waited for her to explain it .

 She raised her gaze and continued, “I don’t know… The feeling when others are lusting after you!

 “I hate… this feeling!

 “You… don’t belong to anyone else! You are… are…” She spoke incoherently, as if every word were being squeezed out of her, as the man held back his smile, his charming eyes concealed under the fringe of his hair, so the woman would not see the mischief hidden beneath!

 He waited silently, like a teacher standing in front of a reckless student, guiding her patiently . He waited for her to say what he had been wanting to hear for a very long time .