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Published at 18th of June 2020 10:35:11 PM
Chapter 1520

This stupid woman, was she finally feeling threatened?

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 Did she finally understand that her man was also highly sought-after, with many women coveting him just like tigers on their prey?

 Finally, she was worried about this!

 The man was exceptionally pleased but kept a natural and nonchalant expression . “Many . ”

 His provocation did not sound intentional, so the woman remained oblivious to anything out of the ordinary and furrowed her brows in clear astonishment . “Many?”

 “Yup! Isn’t it normal?” he questioned back with a smile .

 “…” Yun Shishi was at a loss for words .

 Indeed, these issues were normal .

 The entertainment industry was full of scenes where people would abandon all restraints .

 Lin Zhi, Yan Bingqing, Han Yuyan—how could these famous frontrunners in showbiz not have done something like that?

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 Even Yang Mi, whom she was on amicable terms with, relied on the hidden rules to climb to the top . This was the indisputable truth .

 The entertainment industry, a circle that indulged in a life of luxury . Beauties, charm, money, and power—all sorts of vices could be found in this place .

 When she thought about this, her body turned rigid again .

 Mu Yazhe spoke languidly, “There are many women in showbiz who will climb into the beds of paymasters just to rise above the rest . What you don’t know is that whenever I booked a hotel, my room details would quickly be leaked, and then many women, all graceful and alluring, would appear at my doorstep in their flirtatious dresses . ”

 “What then? Did you open the door and let them in?” She pursued relentlessly .

 “I didn’t . ”

 Regarding this, he was very blunt and honest .


 She harbored some doubt .

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 Exactly what was up with that scene earlier?

 “In the past, I never liked coming into contact with women in the entertainment circle . I thought all those in it were dirty and disgusting . While their bodies were nice to look at, underneath all the glamor and beauty were greedy desires . I didn’t like that . ”

 “What about Lin Zhi?” She held onto the point with no intention of letting go . “Why did you let her in?”

 The man frowned at that . He was clearly misunderstood regarding this .

 Did he let such trash in?

 “I closed the door . ”

 “But she used her leg to block me from doing so . ”

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 She was again taken aback .

 There was such a thing .

 Was that not too much?

 How could she be so shameless? Still trying to jump on him despite being rejected!

 “Such thick skin!” she spat, her brows drawn .

 “Did you think that everyone has thin skin like you?” He mused .

 Yun Shishi: “…”

 She glared at him powerlessly . “Hey!”

 “Alright . Be good .

 “My little woman is jealous . ” The man caressed her head and spoke tenderly as if he were coaxing a child . “Don’t be angry anymore, alright? You don’t look good when you’re angry . ”

 Her temper simmered .

 “I don’t have the mood to fight with you!”

 She looked away, still a little angry!

 Indeed, she could not blame him for that matter, and since she could not find an outlet to vent her frustration, she kept it in her heart and let it accumulate, unsure of the right way to let it all out .

 She could not blame him, yet she did not want to bother with him, either!

 The man only found this amusing .

 The moment this woman was dissatisfied, she could not be pacified with just a few words!

 This was probably jealousy!