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Published at 18th of June 2020 10:35:13 PM
Chapter 1519

Lin Zhi could only helplessly tidy herself up, wipe away her tears, and head home dejectedly!

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 The ludicrous situation had finally come to an end .

 Yun Shishi furrowed her brows, her expression a little unhappy .

 There were actually women who would deliver themselves to him, kneeling and begging for his attention?

 Were they not just looking at him as if he were a tyrant from ancient times?!

 More importantly, that one earlier was actually an extremely repulsive person!

 She felt disgusted . It was as if she had just swallowed a fly and it got stuck in her throat . Suddenly, she felt uncomfortable all over!

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 Even though Mu Yazhe did not make any suggestive actions, that actress’s demeanor had left her feeling uneasy!

 She was absolutely disgusted by what she saw!

 The woman placed a hand over her chest, her breathing growing a little heavy .

 She was not angry with the man; rather, she was put-off by that woman’s lack of shame!

 This was the first time she had encountered something like it .

 If that was the case, did such things happen repeatedly when she was not around?

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 The moment she thought about all the hidden dangers around him, and the number of women who saw him as a god, pursuing and enticing him, her possessiveness grew exponentially inside her!

 She felt that it was dirty .

 The valuable piece of carpet at the entrance hall that that woman had knelt on suddenly irked her to no end . As she thought of how that woman was just there with her disgusting expression, she could take it no longer . Like a temperamental child, she walked over and threw the revolting piece out of the door .

When he saw her acting childish and throwing a tantrum, the man let out a laugh as he pulled her into his embrace, only to feel her extremely rigid body .

 He knew deep down that she had been put-off—perhaps even a little jealous—but he still found it hilarious, so he asked despite knowing the answer, “What’s wrong?”

 “Nothing!” She huffed coldly .

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 He smiled at that .

 He was a little glad that that interloper’s torment tonight had let him see this lady’s cute expression when she was jealous!

 This was the first time he had seen her this jealous, her expression seething as she grabbed onto her bathrobe with both hands . Her inviolable coldness, especially when it was on her delicate and adorable face, caused her tender and lovely lips to form a slight pout . It made him want to get intimate with her, and that was what he did!

 He captured her lower jaw and went forward to kiss her on the lips, but she pushed him away indignantly and questioned unhappily, “Does this happen often?”


 Compared to her ineffable impatience, he was extremely calm . His answer, even, was nonchalant and casual .

 She grew more upset at this . “Were there others like her who would send themselves to your door in the past?”

 This ‘her’ naturally referred to Lin Zhi!

 She was doubtful . Were there many women harboring evil intentions and lusting after him like that one earlier?

 Were there still many women advancing dauntlessly in wave upon wave to his door in hopes of incurring his affection?!

 1They were now living in a civilized society of the twenty-first century, yet such acts, which should have only occurred in ancient times, were still happening around her . This was indeed laughable!

 There were actually women who would trample on themselves!

 Her behavior which was full of doubt only made the man glad!

 This stupid woman, was she finally feeling threatened?