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Chapter 1518: 1518
Chapter 1518: This was an attempted honey trap!

It was just that she was slow to recall who the person was, yet she could tell that the interloper was a woman!

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She was a little apprehensive and curious about what exactly was going on outside the door . She could tell from the woman’s voice that there was some kind of dispute!

Therefore, she stood up and wiped her body carelessly before putting on a bathrobe and walking to the door .

“Mu Yazhe—”

She called out to him in an extremely natural way .

Lin Zhi heard her clearly this time . The voice did not come from her imagination at all .

There was really a woman in this room!

That woman must be very capable to be able to call this man’s name directly!

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This bigshot had such a high position, and he also came from a prestigious family . She did not even dare to look him in the eyes, yet that woman could call him directly by his name!

She did not have the skills to pursue and guess who the woman was at the moment . She could only curse silently at the reason behind this man not wanting to let her in!

No wonder he looked a little wet when he opened the door earlier . Her arrival must have interrupted him while he was doing the deed!

Just as she finally caught on, all along wondering about whom that voice belonged to, Yun Shishi’s figure entered her line of sight .

The woman walked into the living room and gazed over, only to see her in an extremely pathetic and embarrassing half-kneeling posture in front of the man .

In a split second, her complexion completely changed . She furrowed her brows as she looked at the man suspiciously .

Her gaze, which was now teeming with despite, fell back on the kneeling actress .

“Why are you here?!”

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“Why are you here?!”

The same question was uttered by two different mouths simultaneously .

The kneeling actress was shocked as her gaze affixed on the woman who had emerged from the bathroom .

The latter was wearing a bathrobe, which tightened around the waist and seemed to cover her entire body snugly .

Still, the covered parts of her body did not include the neck, so Lin Zhi noticed at one glance that, while the woman’s collarbones were like pale jade and smooth stone, there were incomparably glaring love bites on her exposed skin!

One could imagine what had happened to her earlier!

She was no longer that once pure girl who had just stepped out of the school gates and immediately understood what had happened in the living room .

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That was because, even now, she could smell the charming and gentle fragrance permitting the air . It was so ambiguous that one could not help blushing!

This was evidently residue of an intense session of lovemaking .

The newbie actress followed her gaze and, noticing the marks on her body, hastily grabbed the collar of the bathrobe to hide them from view .

The actress understood then that she had come at an unfortunate time!

“What is going on here?”

Yun Shishi looked at the man curiously, seemingly demanding an explanation from him .

Why was this woman here?

More importantly, why was she dressed in such a revealing manner?

Although her clothes were neat and tidy, the material was extremely flimsy . Her body shape was a lot more apparent under the light .

Suddenly, it dawned on her, and she understood the other’s motive!

This was a honey trap . She was trying to seduce a certain someone!

“Why are you still here? Scram . ” Mu Yazhe coldly looked at the woman kneeling on the floor from the corner of his eyes .

What other face did Lin Zhi have to continue hanging around? Even if she was unwilling to, what good would that do?