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Published at 17th of June 2020 10:45:08 PM
Chapter 1517

“Can you let me stay here tonight? I’ll serve you well! Don’t worry; you’ll be very satisfied and happy with my service!”

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 Saying that, she moved toward him on bended knees and reached out to touch him .

 He saw that from his periphery and firmly dropped a few steps behind, fully intending to avoid her as much as possible!

 She was deeply frustrated with herself at that moment .

 How could she forget that the man had a soft spot for restrained and shy women?

 Due to her momentary lapse in judgment, she revealed her primal behavior and lunged at him without hesitation .

 He doesn’t like this kind of behavior!

 She extended a warm smile at him, asking, “What kind of woman do you like? I can learn to become one . ”

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 There was no expression on his face .

 She continued, “If you like the kind like Yun Shishi; I can be like her—”

 “What ulterior motive do you have for coming here? You can be direct and straightforward, and there’s no need to beat around the bush . ”

 He cut to the chase impatiently .

 She opened her eyes wide in astonishment as he told her frigidly, “What motive do you have to be here? Be direct and then you can get lost . ”

 He could very well hold her up and kick her out of the door, but somehow, he was so turned off by her face that he did not want to come into contact with her at all .

 He could tell who she was imitating with her timid and frail display of Lin Daiyu1!

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 However, that kind of charisma was innate to some, where it would make others intuitively want to love and protect the person .

 If one tried to feign that unique quality, it would not only appear fake and suspicious but also repulsive .

 That particular quality was unique to Yun Shishi and her only—none could imitate it .

 One’s inherent nature was the most difficult to imitate and learn .

 She was utterly embarrassed; never before had she been in such a sorry state as now .

 In the past, those paymasters could not wait to pounce on her and pin her down on the bed . Like predators eyeing their prey, they wanted to swallow her alive, yet when it came to this man, she was given the cold shoulder through and through!

 Putting aside the fact that she was rejected right at the door, now, he was all eager to chase her away after she barged into his room!

 She could not swallow the defeat .

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 Feeling aggrieved, big crystalline teardrops fell from the rim of her eyes, rolled down her cheeks, and dripped onto the expensive carpet below her knees!

 “Why? Why can’t it be me?”

 She shot the question at him suddenly . Her reluctance elevated the pitch of her voice as she put on a piteous look before him .

 “Where have I lost to her?”

 With her pitch elevating still, she added, “I can serve you very well! At the same time, I’ll be very obedient and never go against your wishes!”

 Before she could finish the last word, Yun Shishi’s fretful voice could be heard from the bathroom . “Mu Yazhe…”

 He turned his head abruptly, only to hear her quizzical voice asking, “Who’s in the hall?”

 She was soaking leisurely in the bathtub until now .

 Her body was tired out by the man after their wild escapade on the bed earlier . Looking at her body, she could see overlapping marks, left by an abominable man, which resembled nasty bite marks from poisonous insects .

 As the water from the showerhead continued to flow, she could not hear the commotion outside the bathroom at first .

 It was Lin Zhi’s pathetic sobs that alerted her .

 This was when she realized that someone else, aside from the man, was outside the bathroom door .

 She found the voice familiar but could not match it to a face momentarily!