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Published at 17th of June 2020 10:45:10 PM
Chapter 1516

Carrying the bowl in the palm of her hands, her eyes beamed as she asked quite meekly, “Mr . Mu, can I… take a seat in your room?”

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 Coupled with the bowl she was holding, the innuendo in her words was clear . No matter what, she had to put forth her intention to the man tonight in overt and subtle hints .

 The pronunciation of ‘a bowl’ would translate into ‘one night’1; surely, the man would be able to grasp her intention straightaway . She wanted to sleep with him for a night!

 The hidden meanings in subtext could be so fascinating at times .

 The entertainment industry loved literary and eloquence, so much so that even matters like prostitution could be presented with such delicacy .

 Mu Yazhe frowned, and before he could open his mouth to reject, she quickly chipped in, “Don’t worry! I’m obedient—very obedient, in fact . I’m a woman who will listen to you and won’t do anything to upset you! I’m not petty, and I’ll follow your instructions like law! I just ask that you don’t reject me, please?”

 After a brief pause, she took a small, greedy step forward, cautiously inching closer to the door!

 She had to get into the room no matter what!

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 It did not matter even if she could not make it to his bed .

 To step into his room would mean that she had succeeded .

 Not far from here, someone was already filming their encounter at her bidding . That person could take a screenshot of the moment she entered his room, so even if she could not come into the man’s favor, she would still be able to reap a handful of benefits from that video .

 This actress had plotted long and hard for this moment .

 The man only asked her coldly in return, “Who told you to come here?”

 “I…” She was stunned by the question . “Nobody . I did this out of my wishes!”

 “I have no need for that!”

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 He rejected her request resolutely and turned to close the door . The determined woman did not want this to end just like that; gritting her teeth, she decided to take a daring move . Seeing that the door was about to be shut, she sneakily stretched out her leg, attempting to block it with her bare foot .

 The man did not expect such a move from her and, hence, took no notice when he closed the door on her foot .


 With a repressed cry of dismay, she slumped to the ground and half knelt by the door .

 He looked past his shoulder and found out what she had done .

 He could not believe that this woman had tried to block the door with her foot .

 How vicious can she be?

 Most people would be ruthless unto others .

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 As for this woman, she could be equally cruel to herself .

 He was shocked . She then quickly took his momentary lapse to limp through the narrow door gap, hobbling in on one leg embarrassingly .

 If she had to, she would crawl into the room!

 She walked through the door and very consciously closed the door behind her .

 The man was thoroughly taken aback by… her unscrupulous ways .

 After a long while, he regained his composure and let out a snigger . “Woman, you are conniving indeed!”

 In order to get into his room, she was willing to resort to any trickery at her expense!

 Still, he had seen his fair share of shameless women and could not be bothered with her .

 Is there anything to gain from this trick?

 She was way below his taste .

 “Leave,” he ordered mercilessly, not giving her any consideration at all .


 She knelt in front of him and looked at him like a lowly maid . Putting down her pride and all, she was determined not to let him go .