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Chapter 1515: 1515

His tall and broad figure continued to block the entryway with no sign of having any plans to let her in .

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 He knew clearly in his heart what this woman’s purpose for coming here was and what her motive was .

 As the big boss of Huanyu, he often met many women who overestimated their worth .

 Thinking that they were good-looking, they sent themselves to his door .

 In the past, he had to fly to other cities for business deals . Some investors would take advantage of this to send beauties to his bed by hook or by crook .

 Each of them was carefully handpicked . They were the best among the rest, but they had no way around his coldness . At that time, he was still a young and vigorous youth, yet he refused to see these beautiful women sent to his door .

 There was once where the investors were ready to burst a vein from anger .

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 For the sake of collaboration, they especially went through a pseudo-model circle to pick an eighteen-year-old girl for him . They had her lie naked on his bed, only to be chased out by him .

 That model stood naked outside the door, crying indignantly, but no matter how many times she knocked, he was not moved in the slightest bit .

 It was radical!

 Lin Zhi clearly had not heard about this bit of intel, still believing that the man was at the age where he was full of vigor, and thought that just by dressing a little lovelier and more seductively, she could successfully climb into his bed!

 Was it possible, though?

 Mu Yazhe was a normal man with vitality and desires, but these were only present when he was in front of one person .

 He would treat everyone else apart from her with contempt .

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 Therefore, while this woman was still filled with hope, all she heard was him speak coldly with an arched brow . “What can I do for you?”

 His icy and handsome face did not waver in the slightest bit . He remained stoic as if he were covered in a layer of ice .

She was completely stumped .

 This was not how she had imagined things would start .

 In her fantasies, with the way she was dressed, should this man be unable to tell her motive at a glance and pull her into the room with him thereafter?

 Was there something wrong with her body?

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 She could not help examining herself carefully .

 There was nothing wrong!

 She even tried to emulate Yun Shishi’s appearance a little!

 That artist was just like her name . There was poetic grace to it, and she was pure and elegant . If she had to be described, she was just like the mist from the mountain stream, the running water from a small spring . She carried an amorous appeal just like a patchwork of waterways .

Therefore, Lin Zhi had purposefully followed her form and applied the same style of makeup . As she looked at herself in the mirror, she did look rather similar to the latter due to the cosmetics applied on her face!

 It must have been that woman’s aura that attracted this man to her when they had exchanged glances!

 Delicate, neat, pure, and beautiful .

 She was like a piece of jade with not a defect .

 If that was so, then she would follow her style and learn from her!

 Alas, from this man’s indifferent gaze, it seemed that there were issues to her meticulous plan!

 She did not attract him at first glance, leaving her a little defeated, yet she was not discouraged .

 When it came to sending herself to his door, this woman had to have thick skin . She could not be having misgivings about her face or her dignity . Even if it meant licking her face and begging him on her knees, she would do so just to ask him to have her .

 Therefore, the actress raised the hand she was hiding behind her back and presented a bowl she was holding in her palm .

 It was a blue and white porcelain bowl with a beautiful design . It was an exquisite yet ordinary bowl, but when she held it in her hands, it seemed to embody a different meaning!