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Published at 16th of June 2020 10:25:08 PM
Chapter 1514

If she really thought about how to approach him, coax him, and make this sugar daddy happy and satisfied, she would be able to marry into a rich family . This was what she had been working hard to achieve .

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 Among the many female celebs in the entertainment industry, who entered the industry due to pure passion for acting?

 Most used acting as a jumping board to become famous . After gaining a bit of popularity, they would get the chance to climb the social ladder and mingle with the aristocrats .

 Being able to marry into a rich family was their ultimate goal .

 Lin Zhi was no exception .

 She did not come from a well-to-do family . Perhaps she was afraid of always being poor, so she had an intense desire for material goods and wealth .

 For her, love was not essential in marriage . Having material goods was the only thing she deemed as important .

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 Therefore, her biggest wish was to marry into a rich family!

 When she headed over, she was fantasizing about these possibilities . If her plan was smooth this time, and she received Mu Yazhe’s adoration, she would kick Yun Shishi to the curb . Once she rose to the top, it would be her turn to strut and flaunt in front of that artist!

 There was rumor going around that, out of all the garments the artist had worn at the fashion week this time, only one was provided by Louis Vuitton studio .

 They did not know where the rest came from .

 How could they be bought by herself?

 They must have been given to her by the man!

 Be it that ink-style gown or the cheongsam she wore tonight, which stole the limelight, they had probably been bought by him at high prices!

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 What a bold style!

 He was really liberal with money when he spent it on her!

 Lin Zhi’s heart was filled with envy .

 She yearned for him even more now .

 If she managed to marry into his family one day, hmph!

 That would be such a big deal!

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 As the door opened, all she saw was him standing at the entrance in a black bathrobe . It seemed that he had just left the bathroom as he was all wet . His messy hair was covering his eyebrows, leaving a shadow at his eyelids area .

 The tips of his hair still had small water droplets hanging off of them, obviously hinting that he had just finished his shower .

 Her heart thumped harshly as her face turned bright red!

 She was not putting on an act as she was truly enamored by his dashing appearance! The lines she had memorized earlier were completely forgotten in the next moment as she could not even remember how to speak!

 Her gaze began to lower, landing on the man’s chest, which was slightly exposed to the air . His muscles were defined and they were tainted with water beads . His sexy muscles continued down below . He was too d*mn charming!

 She lost control of herself in that moment and could not tear her gaze away from him!

 Oh, god…

 This man was shockingly handsome when she saw him up close compared to seeing him a few meters away during their first meeting .

 This was the first time in her life that she had almost suffocated from a man’s beauty!

 Such a man truly had a god-like existence!

 Amid her captivation, she had forgotten about how she would make her co-artist jealous; she could only think of how to make this man hers!

 Even if it would take a whole lifetime, she wanted to tame him!

 The man leaned against the door languidly, his gaze fixed on her face as his thin lips pursed into an arrogant and cold arch .