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Published at 15th of June 2020 10:30:10 PM
Chapter 1511

He had touched no other woman but her, but then again, she was the only irresistible woman to him .

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 Despite his calm exterior through the entire journey back to the hotel and the room, his mind was already running wild at the alluring sight of her . He had been planning this for a long time!

 It seemed that only she was his perfect match in this world .

 Just the thought of it alone was almost enough for him to lose control, but because of her conservative nature, he could only cooperate with her and hold back his urge until they finally entered the room . His restraint could only last that long and not a second longer!

 He madly took the woman into his embrace, all the while wishing that he could have her deep in his core and that they could be joined into one body; that way, they would not have to separate from each other .

 He wanted to be with her all the time .

 Still, even so, that would be unable to stop his longing for her .

 Alas, the little woman’s stamina was terribly poor .

 Just a few rounds of kisses were enough to daze her!

 How can such a thing happen?

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 It looks like I should give her some proper training!

 That handful of kisses only served as an appetizer to the starving man; they were not enough to satiate him, but that was all the woman was capable of!

 How could this poor, little woman possibly know what was on his mind, though?

 She always thought herself to be a passive person, and with the man always taking the lead, she had completely lost her rhythm and chance to take charge of herself .

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 She was now totally under his control .

 This is too much!

 Pity I don’t have the strength to resist him!

 The world seemed to spin around her as he abruptly kissed and hugged her . With a turn, their entangled bodies made their way to the living room’s sofa .

 He pressed her down on the sofa and kissed her in the darkness .

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 How beautiful!

 How sweet!

 I can’t get enough of her sweetness!

 Yun Shishi was a little afraid of him .

 The man before her was poles apart from the gentleman who attended the banquet earlier .

 At the banquet, he was proud, gentlemanly, graceful, and polite .

 At this moment, the man was more like a lion, which was eyeing its prey . From his fiery gaze, it seemed that she would be devoured whole in the next second!

 “Hey, pause… pause for a second . ”

 Pushing his shoulders away, she forced him to look at her .

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 “How about… we take a bath first?”

 Her quivering voice sounded as if she were pleading for mercy .

 She was not fully prepared yet .

 If the man had been a little gentler in his approach, she would not have gotten so frightened of him!

 Who was Mu Yazhe, though?

 He was a shrewd and ambitious man . Such words were simply insufficient to dismiss him!

 Of course, he could tell that she was just giving an excuse .

 It looked like this little woman had yet to adapt his style!

 Still, his spirits would inevitably be dampened should he have to suppress his urges and desires in this aspect!

 With her looking especially mesmerizing and gentle under the moonlight, just like a hopeless possessed man, he could not restrain himself!


 There seemed to be no room for discussion .

 He then kissed her lips again, not suppressing himself at all…

 Frightened by his overbearing attitude, she let out a startled grunt . Her face was flushed as she bit onto her lower lip while still whimpering pleadingly .

 This man is simply too hateful!

 He actually didn’t give me a moment to breathe!