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Published at 15th of June 2020 10:30:12 PM
Chapter 1510

The two people seemed so compatible with each other no matter which angle they looked!

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 Many were especially envious at the sight of Mu Yazhe carefully and protectively carrying her in his arms .

 What was the happiest thing in a relationship?

 It would probably be when a man treated his woman like a princess and doted on her like a child .

 “Hello…” Sensing the strange gazes on her, Yun Shishi could not help tugging the man’s sleeve a little desperately . “Let me down! I can walk on my own now!”

 She felt like a child in his one arm .

 Those surprised and envious gazes from this hotel’s employees made her really uncomfortable .

 It felt really strange!

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 The man, however, merely arched a brow in perplexity, unable to understand her concerns . “No . ”


 He liked carrying her in this way .

 He liked the feeling of her quietly nestling or even making mischief in his arms .

 Once the elevator’s metallic doors opened, he carried her inside and pressed the floor button . Only the two of them were in this narrow space .

 As she lowered her head and snuggled up against his chest, she could feel his scorching gaze on her .

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 It felt as though her exposed skin were about to be seared through by that burning heat .

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 The floor number ‘8’ flashed as the elevator continued heading to the fifteenth floor .

 The suite that he had booked was on that floor .

 Once the elevator doors parted open, he carried her to their room .

 He pulled out the card key and swiped it at the door before entering and placing her down . He then reached out to lock the room door .

 Caught off guard, she lost her balance and nearly stumbled on her eight-centimeter high heels .

 The man, fortunately, managed to grab her arm and pulled her up with his quick actions .

 “Why are you so clumsy?”

 The teasing tone in his voice was apparent .

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 Before she could react to the clicking sound of the door lock, she felt herself being pushed backward by his warm and big palms . A tall solid figure then drew close to her .

 She turned aghast the moment she felt the heat from his body .

 “Mu Yazhe!”

 Feeling embarrassed, she pushed him away from her!

 How could this man, from a well-groomed business magnate, instantly transform into a complete beast upon entering the room?!

 Since earlier, she had already been feeling uneasy under his burning stare . Still, this man was simply too…

 They were still at the entrance of the room, but he was already feeling the urge!

 He bowed his head and pressed his body against hers . Even the most graceful man would not pretend to maintain his gentlemanly demeanor at this moment . He was desperate for her and he admitted to that!

 He, thus, zoomed in on her lips and kissed her outrage away so fiercely that she had no chance to resist at all .

 Men tended to take full control of the situation in this aspect; after all, no men liked dilly-dallying and suppressing their urges!

 Like a youth who had just gotten his first taste of the forbidden fruit, the man, who was carelessly stripping his blazer, wanted more of her!

 He had touched no other woman but her .