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Published at 14th of June 2020 10:30:06 PM
Chapter 1509: 1509

He grabbed her waist . “Alight!”

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 Her body was starting to feel a little weak from that earlier kiss which left her gasping for breath!

 As such, when he grabbed her waist, he soon noticed the peculiarity of her body . His brow arched teasingly at the feeble woman in his arms .

 “What? Can’t you walk?”

 His lips lifted into a malicious and teasing smirk .

 She could not help feeling annoyed and abhorrent at the man’s evil smile as she shot him a death glare amid her predicament .

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 She tugged on his sleeve and haltingly stammered, “Erm… m-my… my legs seem to have gone numb!”

 As he curled his lips, a spark of flame lighted in his eyes, making the woman feel increasingly embarrassed under his smothering and penetrating gaze .

 This man is really…

 This man is simply too hateful!

 Isn’t he the cause for my present predicament?

 Just like that, he leisurely watched her struggle to alight the car without rendering his help . Yet as soon as she got out, he pulled her right into his embrace .

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 He could not resist kissing her earlobe . His desperation for her was getting increasingly overwhelming such that even his voice had an unusual hint of repression and embarrassment despite his fierce attempt to contain it .

 “Little thing, is this all you’re capable of, hmm?”

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 Her face flushing red even more, she raised her fist and thumped him on the chest with it .

 The man did not bother to dodge her attack at all . Instead, he allowed her to punch him freely . To him, the strength of this lass’s fist was so insignificant that it seemed to be scratching an itch on him .

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 With his left arm extended to support her, he exerted some strength in his right arm and scooped the woman right into his arms .

 Her thin frame made her seem overly petite next to his towering figure of 1 . 8 meters . Sans a strain in his facial expression, the man carried her as if carrying a life-sized soft toy . To him, this was no strenuous activity at all .

 Feeling like a child in his one arm, she shyly looked up at him but could only see his handsome yet arrogant side-profile .

 2Even though she was slim, she weighed forty-eight kilograms . This man had such horrifying strength that he could actually steadily lift her up single-handedly . It was truly astounding!

 As such, when he arrived at the hotel lobby carrying the woman in such a queer manner, all the service staff was floored as each one gaped at the sight . They could not help marveling at his astonishing arm strength .

 Some female employees were even envious amid their amazement .

 Yun Shishi might not be aware of it, but when the rest of the crowd saw the loving gaze he had for his woman, their hearts melted at the sight!

 They stared fixedly at that scene . The man was handsome and well-dressed, while the woman was petite, delicate, and had the look of a classic Oriental beauty .

 The two people seemed so compatible with each other no matter which angle they looked!