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Published at 14th of June 2020 10:30:10 PM
Chapter 1508

As he continued to savor her goodness, with her being imprisoned in his embrace, he slowly raised the partition between the driver and them, locking them away in their little universe .

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 She was obviously no match for him . Faced with his sudden onslaught, she was knocked hot and giddy by his amorous kisses and, pretty soon, lay weakly and defenselessly under him .

 As her mind drifted away, he held her in his arms with his long legs propping against her full weight . Hugging her, he continued the penetrating kiss .

 As a pathetic greenhorn, she was kissed into oblivion by the man before her . She could feel his steamy lips on hers even with her eyes closed, and if not for the fact that they were in a car right now, she believed that he would swallow her alive like a beast!

 To the man, though, this kiss was hardly enough to satisfy him!

 He started to probe under her hemline .

 Startled, she let out a shout . “Ah!” Her face then turned scarlet red!

 “Don’t…” She lowered her volume and pleaded .

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 Hearing her plea, he opened his eyes and held onto her .


 “Hey… We are still in a car!”

 As she spoke, her face burned brighter and hotter . “You… can you don’t do this here…”

 “What ‘this’?”

 He led her on mischievously, wanting to hear what she had to say .

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 The woman was already too embarrassed to continue, though she very much wanted to tell him to practice restraint in the car and not to behave like a hungry wolf!

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 He lifted her chin and his gaze fell on her beautiful face with elegant makeup; his fingertips gently rolled over her lovely lips .

 Her lips had a layer of bright-red gloss originally .

 However, after their passionate kissing, the color had faded, and her natural, pinkish lips were observed once more, but it was these soft lip petals, which greatly resembled the cherry blossoms, that stirred his deep-seated lust .

 “Kiss me . ” He ordered in a voice that allowed no room for resistance .

 She bit her lower lip, finding it shameful to obey .

 Seeing her hesitation, his fiery lust boiled again .

 Worried that his animal instinct might surface soon, she hurriedly pounced on him . Her small hands propping his face as her lips clumsily found his thin lips .

 Slowly and carefully, she licked and kissed him . Her tongue lightly traced the contour of his lips .

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 Her rudimentary kissing skills were hardly enough for his enjoyment .

 It was not satisfying at all!

 What a stupid woman, totally lacking in kissing skills .

 He bit her lip unhappily, which only served to make her jump in alarm .

 In the end, though, he chose to suppress his urge!

 Rather than overpowering her again, he forced himself to stay still and let her continue with her clumsy kissing . He could not bear to interrupt her serious and sincere action as her hands continued to hold his face .

 Hmph . Stupid woman .

 As he held her, every minute and second of the passing time became a torture to him!

 This was especially so when he could feel her curvy body leaning on him through the thin fabric that separated them; it was a disguised torture to him!

 He gnashed his teeth as he suppressed his urge . Tiny beads of perspiration could be seen from the edge of his hair .

 The car reached the hotel entrance .

 He grabbed her waist . “Alight!”