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Published at 14th of June 2020 10:30:12 PM
Chapter 1507

“Are you mad?!”

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 Qin Zhou stared at him in disbelief .

 “Is she worth it? Is she worth it for you to do this?”

 He looked with determination at his ex-agent . “She’s worth it!”

 The agent was shocked and felt choked by his words .

 The star clenched his fists tightly . Under the moonlight, his handsome face was resolute as he declared, “I’m going to give her the happiest life on Earth!”

 He wanted to give her the best in life!

 “Even if it means… giving up your life?” His agent had a complex look on his face as he knitted his brows and asked .

 “Yes . ” There was no hesitation in his short and simple reply .

 The superstar’s eyes shone with a resolution that had never been seen before .

 For her sake, he hardly took the initiative with her previously and buried his liking for her deep inside; he did not want his liking to become an unnecessary burden for her .

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 To love someone meant giving everything to that person unreservedly; however, it should not turn into a burden .

 Now, though, he no longer thought so .

 This was especially after he saw Mu Yazhe hugging her on the red carpet on TV .  It isn’t fair!

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 He just could not bear the thought of giving up the woman he loved to someone else just like that!

 The star walked to the dustbin, bent over, and picked up the bouquet of lilies he had trashed in it earlier .

 He held the bunch of lilies in his hand; the bouquet was meant for her originally .

 Qin Zhou looked at his proud and lonely figure with mixed feelings and, most especially, helpless resignation .

 He knew the young chap well enough to know that he was a hopeless obstinate .

 That made him worried .

 “Have you thought this through carefully?”

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 With his back against him, the superstar answered brashly, “Eh! I’m going to get her back . ”

 Qin Zhou: “Have you ever considered that she may not love you? What are you going to do about that?”

 The young man turned around when he heard that, his lips sketching an eerie, charming smile as he replied, “That won’t happen; I’ll make sure she loves me back . ”

 After the gala, Yun Shishi looked around the venue for her agent and the superstar . She could not help wondering about their whereabouts when she could not find the two at the event .

 At the same time, she felt disappointed .

 Why was the superstar absent from the dinner venue?

 In fact, she did not see him at all today .

 Could it be that he did not attend the gala from the start? Did something happen to him?

 She was actually a little worried .

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 Originally, Gu Xingze had invited her to walk the red carpet with him, and she had readily agreed . Somehow, she felt guilty for breaking her promise .

 She called her manager to no avail; his number could not be reached .

 Mu Yazhe came around to hug her and asked, “Who are you calling?”

 She turned around with a fleeting look of panic before responding almost immediately, “I’m looking for Qin Zhou . ”

 “Why are you looking for him?”

 She glanced at him . “Are you keeping tabs on me?”

 It sounded like an interrogation to her .

 “Why? Can’t I ask?”

 He pretended to look displeased, commenting, “It’s so late now; he should be back in the hotel . ”

 “Well, he should inform me at the very least . ”

 “I spoke to him earlier . ”


 He leaned close to her and whispered coyly, “I told him that you belong to me tonight . ”


 She gritted her teeth in frustration over his audacious words and just had to give him a warning glare . “Why did you say that? It’d lead to misunderstanding!”

 Greatly displeased, he dipped his head abruptly and nipped her lower lip sharply .

 “What is the misunderstanding?”

 That got her dumbstruck for once .

 The chauffeur arrived with the car soon enough .

 With just one arm bearing her entire weight, he carried her into the car . Once inside the car, he was already on her lips impatiently .

 An expert by now, his kissing skills were superb .