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Chapter 1501: 1501
Chapter 1501 I lack a bed warmer…

Real mother…

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The man could not help shuddering at his son’s choice of words .

What kind of description is that?

However, it was true that the two little fellows were missing their mother very much .

Even though Yun Shishi was separated from the phone by the man, she managed to catch Yichen’s grievance .

‘I really miss mommy…’ She heard this part . Her son’s yearning made her eyes rim red with tears .

She had been working continuously for a string of intense assignments over a number of days . After recording the reality show, ‘The Love Diary’, she was sent to a recording studio for voiceover assignment, and immediately afterward, the manager ushered her onto a flight bound for Milan before she had a chance to step into her house .

Counting the days, she realized that she had not seen the two lads for half a month .

Her heart was hung up with them, too .

She snatched the phone from the man . “Yichen…”

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There was a long pause after she spoke before the boy’s excited voice could be heard again . “Mommy, mommy!”

The childish voice rang loud and clear .

Brimming with tears, she said, “I’m so sorry . I wasn’t able to tell bedtime stories to you and Youyou… Mommy really misses you both…”

The boy asked softly, “Mommy, when are you coming back?”

His helpless question hit her softest spot .

Her chest tightened and she blurted out automatically, “I’ll be back tomorrow!”

Just as she finished her words, she suddenly remembered Qin Zhou’s reminder not to miss any shows tomorrow, which were all important .


She was uneasy leaving the two kids at home; besides, she missed the two of them terribly .

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Well, there’s no choice .

The two little lads were far more important than her career .

The moment he heard that his mother would be returning tomorrow, he sputtered in joy . Jumping around with the phone in his hand, he asked, full of anticipation, “Great, great! Then, mommy, what time will you be back home tomorrow?”

“I haven’t booked the flight yet, so I don’t know . ”

“Oh… Is that so…” He toned down instantly; disappointment was evident in his voice .

She could not bear to see him disappointed and quickly added, “Still, I’ll definitely try my best to rush home, all right?”

“All right!” His voice regained its vitality after hearing her promise .

“You must take good care of your younger brother when I’m not around; understand?” She reminded him solemnly .

Replying with ‘eh-eh’, he clapped his chest with confidence . “My dear mommy, don’t worry! I’m taking good care of little bro!”

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“Eh, good boy; wait at home for mommy!”

“All right!” he promised once more .

After putting down the phone, her eyes stared vacuously into the air . Remembering how her manager had once brutally rejected her request for early return was enough to give her a headache .

“Is it too late to get an air ticket now?”

“There’s no need to book a flight . ”

She looked at him quizzically . “What do you mean?”

Mu Yazhe: “I have a private jet . ”

Yun Shishi: “…”

The man added, “We’ll fly back to the capital directly tomorrow . ”

She suddenly teased him with a faddish phrase from the Internet, “Tuhao[1], don’t you have enough bootlickers?”

The man smiled unscrupulously, pinched her chin, drew his face close to her lips seductively, and panted, “No, but I lack a bed warmer . ”

Yun Shishi: “…”

What… a lowly man!

[1] Tuhao (土豪), which originally refers to people of wealth, has presently become a popular Internet slang for ‘uncouth nouveau riche’, ‘tacky’, or ‘extravagant’ .