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Published at 28th of May 2020 01:20:09 AM
Chapter 1500: 1500
Chapter 1500 I miss mommy…

She seemed to avoid the topic, either intentionally or unconsciously . Her face tilted to one side, apparently avoiding his inquiring eyes .

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Honestly, she, herself, did not understand why she got into an impulsive argument with Princess Charlotte .

In reality, she could not afford to offend a nobility like the princess, but asking her to stand and watch as another woman cling to her man was impossible .

It felt disgusting, in fact—hence, her impulsive reaction .

He saw the evasive look in her eyes and lowered his head unhappily to give her lips a sharp peck at the corner . His biting kiss seemed to bully her into answering him .

“Speak . ”

His domineering tone tolerated no objection .

He urgently wanted to hear the answer from her mouth .

Between them, she had always been ambiguous and rarely expressed her feelings for him explicitly .

Her behavior earlier was the most indomitable she had shown so far .

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All that was for his sake .

This realization left him feeling smug and happy .

This usually frail and meek woman had actually extended her sharp claws for his sake .

He was way overjoyed .

She pushed him away . “Hey, you… Can you not do this here? We are still at the gala dinner . ”

“Answer me . ”

He was extremely stubborn and tyrannical, refusing to budge from extracting an answer from her .

She looked down, and just at this cryptic moment, the phone chose to ring .

The ringing came from his side .

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He ignored the loud ringing and was, in fact, irritated with the untimely interruption .

She took this chance to say, instead, “Your phone is ringing . ”

“Ignore it!”

“Hey… Just take a look, okay? It may be something important!” She told him seriously .

Looking displeased, the man picked up the phone unwillingly at her urging . When he saw Yichen’s name flashing on the screen, his face softened somewhat and he connected the call .

“Hello . ”


The little lad’s excited voice came loud and clear from the other end . “Daddy, I just saw mommy on TV!”

This senseless statement made the man frown .

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“Eh, eh! From the report on Mila Fashion Week . ”

“Mu Yichen, you stupid, it’s Milan Fashion Week and not Mila!”

From a distance, Youyou’s voice could be heard barking seriously at his brother as he corrected his mistake .

“All right! It’s Milan Fashion Week . Mommy looked so beautiful in her dress! So gorgeous just like a fairy!” the boy gushed excitedly . However, his voice turned wry without warning in the next instant . “It’s a pity, though, that I couldn’t see her in person! I could only watch her on TV . ”

Mu Yazhe: “…”

Yun Shishi could vaguely make out the boy’s voice but could not catch what he was uttering to his father . She could only stare at the man’s face, hoping for a clue .

He went on . “Little fool, why aren’t you in bed yet?”

“Daddy is the stupid one! It’s way past noon over here . ”

The boy snorted as the man turned sheepish for a while .

He had actually forgotten that there was a time difference between Milan and the capital .

Since it was about nine at night over on their side, the time should be around two in the afternoon in the capital .

“Daddy, I really miss mommy! When is she coming back?”

The boy sounded weak and downcast, as if he were about to break down in tears .

“I want to listen to mommy’s bedtime stories; I want mommy’s hugs; I want her to kiss me… It’s been awhile since I saw my real mommy in person…”