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Published at 27th of May 2020 05:15:08 PM
Chapter 1499: 1499
Chapter 1499 Are you jealous?

They walked away, leaving the princess fuming mad on the spot .

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After rounding a corner, the man could not help teasing her . “Little thing, I didn’t expect your mouth to be so vicious!”

He pinched her nose gently thereafter .

“Well, who asked her to be so arrogant? Did she think that I was a pushover? Hmph!”

She curled her lips into an adorable smile, her eyes sparkling mischievously .

The man was actually curious .

“How did you find out her status?”

He had never mentioned that princess to her .

She gave him a glance before explaining, “I could guess her status from her mannerism . She was haughty and carried a strong aristocratic presence from the very start . It’s evident that she’s from a noble background . ”

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“Plus, her heavy French accent gave her away . It was easy to guess her identity . ”

The official language of Morokko was French .

Besides, the princess’s high-and-mighty attitude was a hint to her background, and indeed, after studying her face a little closer, she could recognize her from the news on TV about the royal family .

The country had featured news about Princess Charlotte when she was officiated by the Morokkan royal family .

She happened to watch that news .

The man smiled . “You aren’t totally stupid, after all!”

“Hey, I’m smart; do you know?” she refuted . “No matter what, I used to be a straight-A student in school! If not, how would Youyou be so smart?”

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“Our baby boy is smart because he’s inherited my genes . ”

“Then, how come Little Yichen couldn’t even solve a simple mathematical equation?”

“That’s because he’s inherited your stupidity . ”

She was extremely provoked by his remark and scoffed . “Mr . Mu, I believe you’ve overlooked something else . ”


“Although genes play an important role in a child’s development, a nurturing environment is equally important, too . Look at Yichen; his learning ability hasn’t progressed under your coaching, whereas Youyou has developed into a splendid young man with excellent wits under my loving supervision!”

She reasoned with a smug look, her captivating eyes giving him a sidelong glance .

She was out to win this time .

“You do have a lot of excuses,” he said unceremoniously .

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“What do you mean by that?! It’s logical reasoning, alright?” she rebutted defiantly . “I’m not going to argue with you further!”

With his eyes smiling, he inched closer to her and whispered, “Were you jealous earlier?” The corners of his lips hooked up mischievously .

Her face flushed abruptly the moment he uttered that question; this only made his smile get deeper and wider .

She seemed to be a woman who was extremely easy to get embarrassed .

He especially loved the way she blushed—when her adorable face would show up with rosy cheeks as she dipped her head with slightly knitted brows . Even when embarrassed, she would continue to talk while displaying a shy and awkward look at him .

Her look tickled a spot deep within him .

As she continued to look at him in this way… he felt something burning within him .

He knew very well that his body was heating up not because of the alcohol but because of something inside him responding to her .

Hugging her, he took her to a secluded spot and cornered her between the wall and him . His arms circled her shoulders as he leaned over .

“Answer me: Were you jealous earlier?”

When she stood up to Princess Charlotte, she was recalcitrant and tough; she had never shown such defiance before .

“What are you trying to do…”