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Published at 27th of May 2020 05:15:15 PM
Chapter 1498
Chapter 1498 A sarcastic repartee!

With her countless fanatics and admirers, she had always been confident and arrogant, yet she was unable to attract this man’s attention .

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This was an enormous blow to her!

She did not believe it!

She refused to believe that she could not conquer this man!

Charlotte moved in a flash and stood in front of him as she pouted playfully . “Hey, what do you mean by not being interested? Make it clear to me . ”

Yun Shishi sipped the wine in her glass as she glanced at the princess and explained with good intentions, “He means that he’s uninterested in drinking with you . ”

Hearing this, Mu Yazhe looked at her in shock .

He thought that this woman would be as she had always been, hiding at the side like a coward and ignoring them, or perhaps, she might begin to let her imagination run wild and become overly suspicious .

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He did not think that she would be so gutsy to step up and show her deep dislike for Charlotte .

He could not help but be surprised!

Her words attracted the princess’s attention .

She spoke in French . Despite not being fluent in it, she was articulate in her vocalization and her pronunciation was accurate .

Thus, the other woman was a little taken aback before harshly glaring in her direction and chiding like an overbearing bully, “You don’t have a place here to butt in our conversation . Shut up, commoner!”

“Hey, that’s an unfair accusation!”

The artist blinked her eyes innocently as she guided her patiently and systematically, “I was just reminding you out of the goodness of my heart, yet you called me a commoner . ”

“Reminding me out of the goodness of your heart?” The other was a little confused .

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“Yes! You don’t understand human language, right? That’s why I’m kindly translating his words for you!”

She smiled elegantly despite spouting such deadly words .

The royalty understood the mockery behind her remark and instantly flew into rage .

As for the man, he could not help raising the corners of his lips .

His woman was too adorable!

She was usually docile and quiet, obedient and sweet, but the moment she revealed her edginess, she was like a cat with her claws drawn .

She could actually smile and say such malicious words .

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It seemed that following Qin Zhou had allowed her to learn through experience .

Charlotte was more than a little furious, but despite being angry, she was still in a public setting and needed to be mindful of her image . Therefore, she had to swallow down her wrath painfully and maintain her noble and elegant smile . She let out a cold and disdainful laugh .

“Shut up! There’s no place for you to speak here! Get lost from his side; you don’t deserve to stand next to him . What an eyesore!”

However, Yun Shishi was neither shocked nor angered . She kept a light smile on her face as she enunciated, “Your highness, I think you are mistaking something! Please examine your surroundings right now . This is Milan in Italy . It’s not Morokko, is it? Since you are in another country right now, please retract your disgusting princess privilege, alright?”


The princess had been stabbed so hard that she was rendered speechless . She could only stare at the woman through eyes smeared with thick eyeliner . She glared at her fixedly; it was as if she wanted to kill her with her gaze!

The latter cast the former a sidelong glance before smiling . “Please don’t glare at me with your dead-fish eyes . ”

“D*mn you, commoner… You—” Charlotte was briefly at a loss for words . She tightened her fists in fury, her meticulously manicured nails embedding into her palms as she trapped her gaze on the woman before her .

“Alright . I won’t play with you any longer,” said the artist gleefully before taking the initiative to hug her man’s arm . They then turned and walked away elegantly .