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Chapter 1494: 1494
Chapter 1494 Adoration from Princess Charlotte

The man suddenly leaned in and whispered in her ear, “Plus, I quite like your drunken state . ”

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She looked adorable, charming, and especially mesmerizing with her rosy cheeks .

He loved that alluring look of hers .

Yun Shishi shot the man with a look of petulance as she pouted .

He clinked his wine glass against hers and downed his drink in a shot .

He had a high tolerance for alcohol, which was trained from the smokeless alcoholic battlefield of his past business dealings .

One’s alcohol capacity signified the bottom line of the negotiations, which usually contributed to the success of the final transaction .

Nevertheless, the woman only took a sip, lest she get drunk . Her wine-stained lips were especially alluring at that moment .

Desire started to stir within Mu Yazhe despite having only a glimpse of her lips .

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If not for them currently being in a public setting, he would really give in to his desire and lean over to lick that bit of wine off her lips .

The female celebrities were all envious and jealous of her .

How they wished that they could kick her aside .

She was simply an eyesore!

Aside from the domestic artists, even international celebs were a little green-eyed—Princess Charlotte of the Morokko royal family included .

As a member of the royal family, it was natural for the princess to receive a VIP invitation card for the Milan Fashion Week .

It was just that she did not expect Mu Yazhe to be here as well .

The two met before at the dinner held by her family, where they shared a dance under the arrangement of Duke of Hannsof .

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She had found this man to be quite interesting back then!

His distraction and disinterest were apparent at that time; it was as if he were reluctant to dance with her .

There were even a few times when he danced wrongly and stepped on her feet, instead .

Even though she was unhappy about it, the man still left a deep impression on her .

It was rare for a man to be aloof to her .

As the princess of the Morokko royal family, not only was she worth a fortune, she was also stunningly beautiful and elegant with no lack of rich admirers .

This was not mentioning the commoners .

That was her first time meeting such an aloof man, who did not seem to be the least awed or submissive to her .

At the end of their dance, he promptly left the dance floor without turning his head back .

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Charlotte could not help feeling a little interested in him .

The man was really interesting!

Sick of those men fawning on her all the time and treating her as a lofty queen, his cold and haughty demeanor was a breath of fresh air and particularly attractive!

After that day, she expressed her adoration for the man through the Duke of Hannsof in the hopes that they could meet again .

As the Western open-minded culture had been deeply ingrained in her, the princess was very straightforward in love affairs . To her, there was no such thing as an initiative person and a passive person in a relationship; as long as she liked someone, she would actively pursue that person!

She, therefore, picked up a glass of red wine from a waiter’s tray and made her way toward her target .

Standing before the buffet table with Yun Shishi in his arms, the man was currently feeding her a mouthful of cake .

She pouted . “I don’t need you to feed me . ”

“Do you not like me feeding you?”

“Well, it’s inappropriate to do this here while many people are watching . ”

“Ignore them,” he ordered .

The banquet hall was split into two areas: VIP and non-VIP .

Celebrities gathered at the VIP area, whereas the reporters were barred from entering .