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Chapter 1492: 1492
Chapter 1492 I have yet to walk the red carpet!

“Do I need a reason to walk the red carpet with someone?” Mu Yazhe’s counter rendered that journalist speechless .

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His fierce personality was apparent in that arrogant response .

He had always been an arrogant man .

As such, that reporter posed another question for the female artist . “Ms . Yun, are you nervous to be walking down the red carpet with Mr . Mu?”

She answered smilingly, “How can it be—”

The former cut her off mid-sentence . “Why the good mentality?”

She broke into laughter as she supplemented, “How can it not be nerve-wracking?”

The reporter fell silent . “…”

A wave of laughter then came from the media stand .

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She playfully added, “I’m so nervous that I’m even sweating while we talk now!”

Now that she was adept at dealing with the media, she knew how to avoid and respond to the difficult questions posed by the reporters tactfully .

Her witty impromptu response made them burst into laughter .

“Ha ha ha!”

“She’s simply too adorable!”

They, therefore, did not make things hard for her and simply ended the interview with a few innocuous questions .

Only when Qin Zhou saw the couple disappearing from the red carpet and entering the hall did he heave a sigh of relief .

He then followed after them .

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Seeing that it was about time now, Han Yuyan thought that she could finally make her grand entrance to the red carpet .

Thus, she pushed open the car door, put on her elegant and haughty attitude, and alighted from the car with her skirt end in her hands .

Her assumption of the newbie purposely making a grand entrance was dispelled when she realized that it was only due to Mu Yazhe that the latter could put off her entrance to the last .

It was just as well .

At least, she could take the centerstage now .

At the thought of this, a smug smile appeared on her face as she sashayed toward the red carpet while holding her skirt .

Alas, when she arrived before the red carpet, she saw the staff busily rolling it up .

The corners of her lips twitched as she maintained an elegant and graceful smile while shooting her assistant a look .

The latter immediately rushed forward and, in fluent English, said, “Hold on; there’s another artist who has yet to walk the red carpet!”

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“My artist, Han Yuyan, hasn’t walked the red carpet yet . Keep it later!”

“It’s time already!”

After giving an unceremonious snort, the person paid no more attention to her and continued with his work .

The actress’s smile slipped in her appall .

She walked forward then condescendingly chided, “Surely, it’s too early to be keeping the red carpet now? This is too much! I haven’t walked down it yet!”

Her assistant interpreted and conveyed her charge’s words to that person .

However, the person merely expressionlessly glanced at her . “We’re only doing as told . The big shots have already walked the red carpet, and besides, it’s time to keep it; the banquet is about to commence . ”

“Get your boss here . I’ll speak to him!” she harshly demanded .

Mumbling to himself in Italian, that person then called the person in charge through his earphone .

The person in charge hurried over . His face turned solemn upon seeing the actress .

“What’s going on?”

Snorting in reply, the arrogant actress pointed a finger to the staff collecting the red carpet in a critical manner . “What are they doing? I have yet to walk the red carpet, but they are already rolling it . This is too much! Give me an explanation for this . ”

Her overbearing and demanding tone made the other frown .