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Published at 25th of May 2020 02:15:11 AM
Chapter 1491: 1491
Chapter 1491 Hug a little closer!

Her mind started to wander .

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What relationship did this newbie had with this business tycoon that they could appear so intimately on the red carpet?

The man might be a magnate, but he was known for being aloof and detached from women .

Yun Shishi was probably the first to be seen with him .

Don’t tell me…

She could no longer sit still!

In fact, she was beginning to wonder if she had underestimated the newbie!

The newcomer might not be so simple, after all!

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Right now, the actress in question was taking center stage on the red carpet as she displayed a dazzling smile . She was absolutely enthralling, just like an innocent, dainty lady who had stepped out of an antique painting, with her proud and provocative expression . Her beauty was unlike the past; instead of her reserved naivety, she now exuded uninhibited radiance and glamor . Like a poppy flower that had just bloomed, she was toxic yet irresistibly desirable .

Standing composed before the camera lights, the man hugged her by the waist .

It was rare for him to expose himself publicly in this manner .

The man in front of the cameras was arrogant and supreme, exerting a kingly presence that stood above the rest .

The stately aura surrounding him had all the female stars irrevocably swooning .

Any images the paparazzi captured of him easily surpassed all the young boys in showbiz—heck, even those international models in the fashion world . In fact, the photos of his exceptionally good-looks did not need any photoshopping at all .

Absolutely riveting!

Not many had the honor to see him in real life .

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His strong presence was so captivating that it hindered many from taking pictures; their actions had slowed down somewhat .

Many female stars were overwhelmed with jealousy . They did not know how Yun Shishi got her fortune to walk the red carpet with this man .

As for those actresses racking their brains to make it to tomorrow’s headlines, they were very vexed at this point!

Looking at this newbie artist, they knew she would be hugging all the headlines tomorrow; they had no chance left!

All the press people across the world were frantically snapping away with their cameras, wanting to capture this historical moment .

“Ms . Yun, can you please stand closer to Mr . Mu? Let me have another shot; thank you!”

“Mr . Mu, please hug her a little closer!”

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The man did not give any more opportunities to the reporters . He hugged and brought her toward the reception area to sign their names on the board when the time was up . The media could only chase after them .

After reaching the reception table, he picked up the pen readied to sign his name elegantly on an empty portion of the signature board .

Every stroke of his handwriting was distinct and strong, just like the man himself .

Usually, his signature would only appear on business contracts that cost hundreds of millions of dollars . This was the first time his signature was seen on a non-commercial one .

After he signed his name, he handed the pen to Yun Shishi .

With a gentle smile, she took the pen from him, raised her wrist, and put down her signature next to his .

Her handwriting was steady and pretty, no less than his in any way .

After signing their names, the two walked to the interview section .

Qin Zhou had pre-warned the journalists not to ask irrelevant questions or risked being booted out of the venue .

Since the media personnel was respectful of the Mu Group, there was no major issue to that . Oftentimes, the topic revolved around the actress’s view on this year’s fashion show .

After a few questions, one reporter suddenly raised his hand and asked, “Mr . Mu, may I ask your reason for walking the red carpet with Ms . Yun?”