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Chapter 1490: 1490
Chapter 1490 Han Yuyan“s Jealousy

“Ms . Yun, can you give us a smile please?”

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She heard and happily obliged, displaying a radiant smile that enchanted every paparazzo on sight .

Even the foreign journalists were swooned!

She was simply too beautiful!

The cheongsam, especially, looked so alluringly divine on her!

She gave off a sense of tantalizing yet forbidden allure .

Orientalism was a hot trend favored by many foreigners and often featured in many fashion shows . This Milan Fashion Show was no exception to that .

In particular, the cheongsam used to be a fad among many Hollywood actresses .

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At the end of the day, though, the pedigree did make a difference .

How could those blond starlets bring out the oriental mysticism and unique classic elements of the cheongsam?

These reporters had attended many dinner functions and banquets and came across numerous stars as well as famous personalities . Still, none could bring out this beauty and style in a cheongsam like Yun Shishi!

The red stilettos on her feet came with oriental motif, which complemented her getup perfectly .

“Look over here please!” shouted someone in the crowd .

She immediately looked over, the smile on her face wider and prettier than ever .

The lightbulbs flashed fiercer and faster .

The two obliged the media and hugged closer for a few couple shots .

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They looked good together .

At the end of the red carpet, the stars huddling next to the entrance started to talk among themselves . Many Chinese stars could not help speculating their relationship .

Mu Yazhe was the big boss of Huanyu Entertainment, and the influential entertainment company was only one of the many subsidiaries under Disheng Financial Group .

This man could be said to be the emperor of the entertainment empire, but none had seen him holding another actress’s hand to attend a grand function in the past .

No one could tell their relationship for sure, and many were green with envy .

To say that this newbie had no influential backing would be a lie .

This newcomer was already in possession of so many resources even when she had just debuted . First came the gossip about her and Gu Xingze, and now, she was seen on the red carpet with an elite like Mu Yazhe . Could she be the man’s lover from the industry?

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The thing was that this man hardly had any scandal, and it was even rarer for him to be this close to an actress .

Before this, it was said that he had a fiancée, but the Mu Group had a press meeting a while ago to call off his engagement with Mu Wanrou .

Many ladies were of course excited to learn about that .

Right now, these two were the event highlight . Under the request of the media, the man pulled the woman close to him by the waist and landed a kiss on her glabella .

The reporters frenzied to capture that kiss of the century!

Inside the car, Han Yuyan witnessed the scene and could no longer bear to watch further .

She was rather upset!

The moment she saw the two together on the red carpet, she felt rather unwell .

She reckoned that the newbie was only trying to make a grand entrance by being the last to arrive . She realized then that the latter was only arranged to be the last because of the showstopper!

She cursed the newcomer under her breath . Who was this woman to be privileged to walk the red carpet with that man!

That man hardly appeared in public .

As a business magnate, he always kept a low profile and generated hardly any news from the press people .