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Demon beasts were creatures born out of the devils’ realm. Just like the devils, they abhorred the power of the gods.


The proxy gods from the God’s Domain were dispatched and launched an attack toward the demon beasts using their divine power.


The demon beasts seemed to be incredibly strong, their skin was thick and coarse, but under the blades of the proxy gods, their thick flesh was easily cut open. From their wound, a glimpse of white smoke emerged. It appeared that the divine power had a strong corrosive effect on the demon beasts.


Properly speaking, this was called purification!


All the people on the walls watched with incredible disbelief as the demon beasts collided with the proxy gods and were beaten to the ground.




This situation was simply too different from what they had expected.


Another reason why Shen Yanxiao let the God’s Domain take action first was that she knew how terrible the effect of the divine power was on the demon beasts. Seeing the battle of these proxy gods, both the people of The Rising Sun City and the four-nation alliance could put down their fear of the demon beasts a little.


A soldier who had yet to step into the battlefield but was already scared to die, once sent to the real battlefield, would be no different from one sent to death.


The decision of Shen Yanxiao was quite correct. These people’s eyes were no longer as fear-filled as they had been before.


As the second assault unit, the demons joined the battle outside The Rising Sun City, providing assistance behind the proxy gods in the battlefield.


Both them and the demon beasts came from the devils’ realm, so they were very resistant to the dark magic of the demon beasts.


Both teams were not defeated under the attack of the demon beasts, which gave the rest of the humans a strong shot of stimulant to their hearts.


The last wave was the joint army of the four-nation alliance and The Rising Sun City soldiers.


Overall, the number of forces of Shen Yanxiao in this battle had reached millions!


At this moment, whether it was the soldiers of The Rising Sun City or the soldiers of the four-nation alliance, they put down their hatred and fought against the demon beasts!


Only victory would give them any hope of survival.


Taotie and Yazi, as the Holy Beasts and the most powerful in the ranks, rushed into the demon beasts’ camp, and their huge bodies were much bigger than the demon beasts around!


This time, Taotie did not rampage as much as he did in the fight against humans. He directly opened his mouth and swallowed those demon beasts, who were only a quarter his size, one at a time.


For Taotie, it was simply a wonderful thing that he could destroy the enemy and fill his stomach at the same time.


Furthermore, the taste of the demon beasts was not bad, Taotie was actually very satisfied.


It was a picture that people could not bear to look at.


Yazi savagely ripped apart every nearby demon beast; his murderous heart thoroughly erupted this time.


Directly compared with Taotie’s method of devouring the demon beasts, the way Yazi killed the enemy was particularly bloody and cruel.


Wherever Yazi went, there would be carcasses of the demon beasts everywhere.


The Phantom members all set out and rushed into the camp of the enemy with their own Mythological Beasts.


This battle with the demon beasts was completely different from the previous war against the four countries. The four-nation alliance paid attention to cooperation, but the demon beasts would only blindly charge around violently. The horror of the beast tide was precisely the violent charging of these demon beasts. They did not even have to attack too much, just charging all together could turn a city into nothingness with their huge bodies.


Shen Yanxiao didn’t have many strong subordinates under her hands. But she had many powerful magical beasts. There were two Holy Beasts and a group of Mythological Beasts, and they didn’t have a problem fighting off the demon beasts. The proxy gods and demons were very familiar with the demon beasts, so it was also not too difficult for them.


Although the number of demon beasts was large, their bodies were also huge and took up a lot of space. They had no intelligence, so they did not know how to cooperate.


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