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Chapter 882: Packed With People

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At night!

Lin Fan laid down on the sofa with a massive headache, wondering how things had turned out like that.

Could he just say that he hadn’t concocted the pill but the pill was something he had just picked up? But regardless of whether anyone would believe that, more importantly, how could he say that he was unable to treat the illness when he was such a f*cking awesome being?

He knew that if the word got out, even if people would not find it embarrassing, he would find it embarrassing.

*Ding Ding*

Papa Lin was on the line. When the phone call got through, there was a thunderous voice from the other side, saying, “Son, this is really extraordinary. As your father, I am really proud of you.”

Lin Fan placed his hand on his head and was a little stunned as he replied, “Dad, don’t be like that. You might be proud but I am out of luck.”

“Out of luck? When your abilities increase, so do your responsibilities, thus, you have to do your job properly. Even though I have no idea how you have medical knowledge, I am still very proud of you,” Papa Lin said.

Lin Fan replied, “Dad, ‘when your abilities increase, so do your responsibilities’? If I had this mindset, then I definitely won’t be able to stay in this world for long.”

“Okay okay. All I did was give you a few sentences of praise and you started to complain already. Your mother and I both know about this. What do you think? Can you mass produce it? Your Uncle Li has asked me as well. If this were to be spread, it would benefit society,” Papa Lin said.

Lin Fan could not completely understand it himself so he definitely could not explain it to other people.

“Dad, here’s where the trouble lies. Leukemia is not that easy to treat. This pill is also not easy to make. Concocting one pill requires a lot of effort. There are so many Leukemia patients across the country, even if I work my butt off every day, I still wouldn’t be able to get the job done,” Lin Fan said.

When his father heard that he started to get a bit worried. He said, “Why don’t you come back home to hide and not stay in Shanghai for now. There are a lot these cases of people living incognito now. As long as we hide for 3 to 5 years, I guarantee that no one will remember it anymore.”

“Dad, let me carefully think about this. I’m going to hang up first. You and mum should rest early,” Lin Fan said as he did not want to speak to his father any further.

Lin Fan had heard his mother’s opinion already. She had told him that when his father had been young, he had been extremely cunning. Not a single word from him was reliable. If not for Lin Fan being born, his father would still be a man who regarded money as dirt.

If so, then they would not be staying in a house anymore but would be staying in some thatched hut.

In this aspect, Lin Fan was very grateful to his mother. If not for his mother, whether he would be able to go to university or not would have been a huge unknown.

Zhongzhou. In the house.

Mama Lin was tidying up the house as she asked, “What did our son say?”

Papa Lin replied, “The little rascal says he wants to carefully think about it himself. He told us to rest early.”

“Oh…” Mama Lin sighed. She was happy that her son was very capable. However, large capabilities brought big headaches with them as well.

Everything she experienced was so different from what Lin Fan experienced.

What can we do now?

She was racking her brains. If she did not think of a solution tonight, she definitely would not be able to sleep.

The next day!

It was only 6 or 7 in the morning.

The situation at Cloud Street was vastly different already.

There was a countless number of reporters who had rushed here at this hour just to come to Cloud Street to interview Master Lin.

Also, the townsfolk had home to Cloud Street at this early hour as well. Basically, there was very little space left in the entire area.

You could say that this issue had definitely blown up.

Many medical specialists from all over the country had come as well. They wanted to prove that this thing was real.

They all knew about Master Lin. He was a master at both Chinese and Western medicine who was back in the nation’s spotlight again because his pill had cured Leukemia.

Also, the pill seemed like it came from an ancient legend, making it have an even greater impact.

Some of the shop owners had come to open their stores. When they saw the situation here at Cloud Street, they were stunned and left speechless. They immediately took their phones out and sent messages in the group.

“Cloud Street is already packed with people. @LittleBoss, you better take note.”

The people in the group were all bubbling.

Elder Liang: “…”

Elder Zhang: “This is extraordinary.”

Sister Hong: “I’m afraid that Little Boss is going to become very busy right now.”

Zhao Ming Qing had woken up at 5:30 AM. He had his breakfast and did a little practice before rushing down to Cloud Street. When he reached there, his whole body became lifeless.

There were so many people there and he could not help becoming worried. If he did not think of what to say, explaining this situation would definitely not be easy.

“Director Zhao.”

At this moment, when people realized Zhao Ming Qing was here, they were alarmed.

“Who is he?”

“He is Master Lin’s student.”

“F*ck, it can’t be. He is so old and yet he is still his student?”

“What do you know? Master Lin’s medical skills are really amazing. Director Zhao has always considered himself as Master Lin’s student. I heard that in the short amount of time he has been with Master Lin, his Chinese medicine expertise has increased by a lot.”

In the blink of an eye, the reporters had surrounded Zhao Ming Qing.

Some of the family members of previous Leukemia suffers saw that Zhao Ming Qing was Master Lin’s student and gathered around him as well. They had come here to get more medicine for their sick family members.

A reporter said, “Hello Director Zhao, may I ask what are your thoughts on this pill that can cure Leukemia?”

“For this question, you’ll have to wait for my master to come. He’ll answer it,” he replied. Although Zhao Ming Qing was old in age, his mind was even sharper than those of some youngsters.

He did not know how his master would answer so he did not want to say anything wrong. Thus, he just acted like he did not know anything.

The reporters were definitely very determined. They said, “Director Zhao, you are the only publicly known student of Master Lin. May I ask what has he said to you?”

Zhao Ming Qing replied, “My reporter brothers, I’m really sorry. I’m not very sure about the specifics of this situation myself. I only came here after getting a notice from my master. Thus, for anything else, you’ll have to wait for him to come, then you’ll know.”

Another reporter said, “Director Zhao, if you don’t mind me asking, previously, you and your teacher worked together to create an anorexia prescription. Now, you guys have come up with a pill for Leukemia. Are you guys planning to put it on the market?”

Zhao Ming Qing shook his head, implying that he did not know the answer to any of their questions.

“My reporter brothers, I am really sorry. This old man really does not know anything. If you guys wait for my teacher to arrive, then you will have your questions answered. Please patiently wait for him.”

At this moment, some of the family members of the sufferers started to loudly cry out.

“I beg you, Master Lin, save my loved one.”

“Master Lin… Master Lin…”

Cries filled the air. The whole of Cloud Street could hear it. Even those people who were far away from Cloud Street could hear the sounds from where they were as well.

Some of their faces were filled with shock. They had no idea what had happened.

But when they reached the scene, there was something even more surprising unfolding in front of their eyes.

There were really too many people here.

Then, Lin Fan stopped his car outside Cloud Street.

He had already heard all the ruckus coming from there and he was already in a dumbfounded state.

It was definitely not going to be so easy to completely settle this whole issue today.

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