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"We don't need to talk about Young Lord. His cultivation and treasure were obtained during his experiential learning, and he wasn't relying solely on our Sovereign. With his current cultivation, regardless of whether or not the marriage is successful, he will definitely be in charge of the True Martial Sect." "From this point of view, the more scheming he is, the more beneficial it is for our Zhen Wu Sect."

"I'm not saying that he's usually scheming like this. I'm saying that he's narrow-minded and jealous. Seeing that someone else's cultivation progress may be faster than his, he wants to scheme and get rid of them. Who knows, when he might kick the bucket …"

After saying a few more words to the Ancient Alligator Cave Master, the Ancient Alligator Daoist Master stretched out his hand and shook it, releasing thousands of streaks of golden light.

This golden light was actually a fly like little golden insects.

After these gold insects flew out, another transparent crystal ball suddenly appeared in the Ancient Alligator Cave Master's hand.

Looking at the fist-sized transparent crystal ball paused for a moment, the Ancient Alligator Cave Master nodded to Spiritual Master Pan Long. Afterwards, the two of them flew off in a certain direction and disappeared in a short moment.

… ….

The two super sects, True Martial Sect and Mystique Wind Sect, were going to get married. Moreover, it was Xu QiuHuan who was going to marry Shui Ling'er. The Seven Apertures Immortal Pill was the True Martial Sect's betrothal gift to Shui Ling'er … One must know that Shui Ling'er was a top disciple of the Mysterious Wind Sect and definitely had practiced many top cultivation techniques and techniques of the Mysterious Wind Sect. If she really became friends with Xu Qianhuan, it would be equivalent to passing on many top cultivation techniques and techniques of the Mysterious Wind Sect.

"Dragon Qi as a guide, Heavenly Dragon's Myriad Apertures, Eternal Star, tempering of the Dharma Body …"

However, this matter was naturally completely unknown to Wei Suo. Currently, he was floating in a stone chamber located in an unknown mountain, cultivating his body tempering technique.

In fact, even if Wei Suo knew about this, he would only feel that things in the world were unpredictable. He had never expected himself to interfere in such a big matter and snatch away the gift that the True Martial Sect's Young Lord had given to his dream lover.

Back when he was a rogue cultivator in Ling Yue City, Wei Suo had a lot of thoughts about Shui Ling'er. Back then, when he was a rogue cultivator in Ling Yue City, Wei Suo had a lot of thoughts about Shui Ling'er, but that was only because it was completely similar to chasing after a star. Ever since he became a dao companion with Ji Ya, Wei Suo didn't even think about Shui Ling'er much, let alone chase after her.

In any case, for Wei Suo, there was no difference between messing with a Black Turtle Sect and a Zhen Wu Sect. In any case, the strength of these two sects wasn't something that Wei Suo could face head-on.

This sort of power struggle between large sects had nothing to do with rogue cultivators like him. In any case, no matter how those large sects fought, they just didn't want to mess with him.

Now, Adept Shark's Jindan had clearly been refined into an Extinction Jindan by Wei Suo.

Wei Suo did not seem to be in a hurry to leave this place and continued to train for a few hours. When the sky outside gradually darkened, Wei Suo stopped his practice of the Celestial Dragon Star Tempering Body Technique. He silently flew in a certain direction.

After flying for another four hours, Wei Suo finally stopped above an unremarkable looking mound.

After a slight flash of his eyes, Wei Suo pointed downwards and threw a white Innate True Fire at this seemingly ordinary mound.

As soon as the Innate True Fire was ignited, a faint glow appeared in the shadow of the mound below. Then, several figures appeared and flew up.

"Dao Friend Wei, you're finally here."

The leader had sword-like eyebrows and starry eyes; he was handsome and tall. He was Li Ruhai. As for the three people who had flown out alongside him, they were Adept Fa Hua and his wife.

"What? Fellow Daoists, do you think I can't come?" Seeing the surprised and surprised expression on the four people's faces, Wei Suo faintly smiled.

"One day, we all saw Adept Xuanwu chase after you." Qi Longshan looked at Wei Suo and did not hide anything. He said with a serious expression, "True Monarch Xuanwu is a third level Jindan Stage cultivator and the sect head of the Black Turtle Sect. He has a lot more strange treasures than rogue cultivators like us, so even though Palace Chief Li secretly sent a sound transmission to you before you left, he agreed to meet you here. However, we truly do not have much confidence to reunite with you here. "

"Honestly speaking, Adept Xuanwu's ability is also very astonishing." Wei Suo didn't think much of it when he heard that. He smiled. "I really was just a bit away from being unable to make it."

"With the situation at that time, we were also unable to do anything." Li Ruohai looked at Wei Suo apologetically: "I hope Fellow Daoist Wei can understand now."

"That's only natural. If I had an identity like Palace Master Li and a sect's restrictions, I would definitely have had no choice but to accept it at that time." Wei Suo glanced at Li Ruo Hai, "But I can run around anyways, there's no limit to it, so I can't take this lying down."

"True Master Xuanwu and Xu Qianyan's actions are indeed very infuriating. However, I must have enough divine abilities to dare to do such a thing. If I were you, Fellow Daoist, I wouldn't be able to take this lying down, and could only forcefully swallow it down. Qing Ping also felt extremely displeased in her heart. After she heard Wei Suo's words, she continued: "In the end, didn't True Master Xuanwu manage to stop you?"

"Adept Xuanwu has already been killed by me." Wei Suo glanced at Qing Ping, Li Ruohai, and the others. Without making a sound, he extended his hand and took something out from his storage bag.


Li Ruohai, Qi Longshan, and the others nearly jumped when they saw the thing in Wei Suo's hands. Their faces were all filled with shock.

In Wei Suo's hand was a black coloured Jindan. It was extremely large and had an astonishing aura.

Even without Wei Suo's explanation, he could tell that this golden pellet definitely belonged to a 3rd level of the Aurous Core Stage Black Tortoise.

"You actually managed to kill Adept Xuanwu!" After about ten breaths' time, Taoist Fa Hua finally uttered those words.

"Dao Friend Wei, looks like we underestimated your ability." "No wonder you dare to attack True Master Xuanwu under those circumstances." Li Ruohai took a deep breath, looked at Wei Suo, and said slowly.

"I had to fight to the death with him to kill him. It won't be that easy to kill him. " After saying that, Wei Suo kept the Jindan of True Master Xuanwu.

When he told Li Ruohai and the others that he had killed Master Xuanwu, he had also considered it carefully. After all, it was only a matter of time before the news of the death of a Black Tortoise Grandmaster would spread out. At this moment, he told Li Ruohai and the others that the more afraid they were of his innate techniques, the less they would have of him. After all, when he was in the Yellow Dao City, he had seen Li Ruhai's divine ability, which was shocking to the extreme.

On this trip to the Green City's Ruins, regardless of whether they had obtained any benefits or not, they would definitely split up and not need to be afraid of revealing their whereabouts.

"With how great Fellow Daoist Wei's ability is, we have gained a few more things to rely on in this trip to the Green City's Ruins." Qi Dragon Mountain looked at Wei Suo and slowly calmed down. After all, in the cultivation world, there were countless capable people who had killed a third level Jindan Stage cultivator. Although the Jindan Stage was shocking, it was not something that had never happened before. However, the Black Turtle Sect is very powerful. Moreover, from what I can tell, this man seems to have some relationship with True Martial Sect's young master, Xu Qianhuan.

"Fellow daoists, you have seen this clearly. I did not provoke this matter. If True Master Black Tortoise had not pursued me relentlessly and wanted to kill me, I would not have gone all out against him." As for sects like theirs, I will naturally do my best to avoid them, but if I am forced to the point where I have no other choice, I will only try my best. " Wei Suo nodded, looked at Li Ruhai and Qi Long Shan and said, "After I left, what happened to Yellow Dao City?"

"Almost all of the Yellow Dao City is destroyed." Li Ruohai looked at Wei Suo and said slowly, "After True Master Xuanwu chased you away, Xu Qianhuan also started to rob the beasts. There was a strange treasure in his hand that had the shape of a fish tank. He did not know where it came from, but its might was extremely astonishing. It should be a genuine Mysterious rank treasure. "Along with his magic, he took away two of the three Emperor Black Jiao's Qi, as well as the Earthly Yuan Piston and Silver Demon. If I didn't steal one of the Emperor Black Jiao's Qi, we wouldn't even be able to drink any soup this time."

"We can't even drink a mouthful of soup because he is the young master of the True Martial Sect. Otherwise, with Palace Head Li's ability and ours, it wouldn't be difficult to snatch a few demon beasts from his hands." Upon hearing Li Ruohai's words, Qing Ping immediately interrupted indignantly.

"No matter what his status is, his technique is not small. Otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to get so many beasts." Li Ruohai continued to look at Wei Suo and said, "Originally, with the removal of these rank 7 beasts and the Ancient Desolation White Scorpion that you killed, Yellow Dao City should have been able to survive. However, later on, a Nine Serenities Suan Ni and a Ancient Desolation Water Spider actually came into the sky. With the addition of these two Level 8 demon beasts, as well as the emergence of a few Earthly Yuan piers from underground, even Xu Qiuhuan would not be able to deal with them. The gates to the Yellow Dao Sect had been breached. After that, there were so many demon beasts that even we had no choice but to evacuate. "

"That place outside the Yellow Dao City …" Wei Suo was stunned. He never thought that the consequences of the Yellow Dao City's Heaven Split would be this severe. He also knew that the Beiming Palace and the Dark Cold Palace were the two strongest sects in the northern part of the Profound Sky Continent.

"Rumor has it that the top cultivators of the Beiming Sect and the Nether Frost Palace arrived later and have already sealed them off. However, it is said that the number of demonic beasts that fled into the sky this time is very shocking." In the period of time that followed, the wasteland within the northern skies of the Profound Sky Continent became extremely dangerous. Furthermore, it is said that the cities destroyed by the teleportation formation are far from the ones we know. Now that we are traveling in the northern part of the Profound Sky Continent, we basically need to rely on flying magic tools. " Li Ruohai looked at Wei Suo and said.

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