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Chapter 421

Mu Feng said with a smile, "I don't think I said that there will be a reward?"

Lu Wudi curled his lips, "The first round had it's rewards; so the second round will definitely have it's rewards as well. Your Inscription Palace has a lot of resources, so you definitely won't be so stingy, right?"

Mu Feng was somewhat speechless towards this boy. However, he still smiled and said: "How about this, each of you can obtain a case of Heavy Spirit Iron Ore!"

"Pick a box for yourself as a reward!"

There were many large and small boxes in the square. When they reached the end, the boxes that everyone was carrying became smaller and smaller. After all, the number of boxes had started to decrease.

The boxes of these Heavy Spirit Ores were at least a million jin in weight. Even if they were small, they would still be around 200,000-300,000 jin. As for how much Heavy Spirit Iron he could refine, he didn't know.

"Of course it's to stir up trouble!" Lu Wudi walked over to grab a large box of Heavy Spirit Iron after he finished speaking.

Following that, Qin Yun and company went over as well. They had chosen the most.

Qin Yun was rather satisfied with the reward. After all, it was just a small test. As for the martial arts later on, the reward would definitely be very good.

"You will rest for a day. Tomorrow morning, we will begin the Martial Arts Competition!" Mu Feng said with a smile.

"Tomorrow's martial arts competition wouldn't be easy. There would be a total of three matches and each group has four people. Three of them would be chosen to go out to fight."

In a private room in a hotel, Qin Yun and company were discussing about next day's martial arts competition with their elders.

Huo Wu said, "Qin Yun, how will you arrange the sequence of tomorrow's matches for Martial Arts?"

Qin Yun drank a cup of fruit juice and said, "I plan on letting Little Lu fight the first round! On their side are two Devil Fighters and two bloodline martial artists! Their first pick should be one of the Devil warriors."

"Because regardless of whether that Devil martial artist wins or loses, they still have two bloodline martial artists to turn the tables on!"

"Little Lu's first match against a Devil Fighter will definitely be a win!"

"In the second round, in order to win for sure, the other side will certainly send out bloodline warriors! And for the second match, if we let Meimei or Wushuang go, they don't need to win!"

"And the third battle, the other side will definitely send the last Blood Warriors over. At that time, it will be my turn! The key is in me!"

The other Martial Kings nodded. Qin Yun's arrangements were just as they had expected.

Wei Zhongzheng said, "The other side must have thought of the same thing. However, they are very confident in their bloodline warriors. Therefore, they must have arranged the order in which the two bloodline warriors will fight in the last two matches!"

Lu Wudi's master the King of Beasts said, "Qin Yun, you are under a lot of pressure. Honestly, we didn't think that you would make it to the end but now that you have entered the final battle, I truly hope that you can win!"

Hong Ying said with a laugh, "Qin Yun, you do not have to worry about the ancient garden pass. I can lend it to you for a moment!"

"I thank Martial King Hong Ying for his kindness. Our Nine Extinction Profound Gate also has a passage permit!" Wei Zhongzheng quickly said.

If Qin Yun accepted the Hongying Martial King's passage order, he would definitely owe a great favor.

This caused the other Martial Kings to be somewhat surprised. Impressive! Where did the Nine Extinction Gate get the entry token?

Qin Yun asked, "Seniors, do you know the specific situation in the ancient gardens?"

The Hong Ying Martial King looked at Huo Wu and said, "Only Old Huo has entered here!"

Huo Wu shook his head and sighed, "I do know what's going on inside but I can't reveal even a single word of it!"

It was also well-known that one could not reveal the situation inside the ancient garden after exiting it.

"Father, did you go in alone the time you went in?" Huo Wushuang asked.

"Yes i did!" Huo Wu nodded.

Mao Meimei looked at an old man beside her and asked, "Grandfather, when you entered the ancient garden, you only had one spot but this time, there are four. Why is that?"

The old man smiled and shook his head, "I don't know either. But don't worry, it's very safe inside! For many years, the majority of the people who were able to enter were bloodline martial artists. This is also the reason why the Bloodline Aristocrat Families are becoming stronger!"

This made Qin Yun and the others, the juniors, treat the ancient gardens even better!

Lu Wudi looked at Huo Wu with admiration. This was because this Huo Wu had been able to defeat a Bloodline Warrior years ago, so he must have been very powerful.

"You guys overworked so much yesterday, go rest early!" Huo Wu smiled.

Now, everyone was sure that the ancient garden was safe. Otherwise, Huo Wu Martial king wouldn't have let his daughter go.

Moreover, for many years, bloodline warriors had never been absent. It could be seen that it was very safe inside.

Qin Yun and Wei Zhongzheng entered a suite and asked, "Sect Master, the selection for the quota examination to enter the ancient gardens is done by the Divine Inscription Palace! Could it be that the Inscription Palace has something to do with the ancient gardens?"

"I am not sure about that. The Inscription Palace has been like this for many years, mysterious...In short, the Inscription Palace plays a great role in the stability of the Martial Desolate." Wei Zhongzheng smiled and said, "Xiao Yun, don't think too much. Sleep in peace!"

Qin Yun nodded and returned to his room to rest.

"If I can really enter the ancient garden and stay there for a year, I won't have to worry about Mo Mo's food anymore!" Qin Yun looked at the pile of magical beast crystal eggs and felt a lot more at ease.

"Big Brother Yun, there should be some sort of secret in the ancient garden. This is because those who go in and come out never reveal what's inside!" Mo Mo said.

"It can't be bad, can it?" Qin Yun said.

"Maybe! In short, when entering, you must be more careful!" Mo Mo said.

Qin Yun also felt that it was not that simple. After all, his ancient garden pass had been set up in a medicinal pill scripture. There had to be a connection.

He laid on the bed, closed his eyes, cleared his mind, and fell into a deep sleep...

Qin Yun had slept for nearly a day before he woke up. It was still dark.

He went outside and saw Wei Zhongzheng reading a book.

"Headmaster, what are you reading?" Qin Yun asked politely.

"An ancient book that describes the method to break through the black martial spirit!" Wei Zhongzheng said, "To put it straight, you have a total of nine transformations to your black martial spirit and you need to undergo the first transformation to reach the third level of the Martial Dao Realm!"

"Then how can I break through?" Qin Yun was delighted and hurriedly asked.

"Written on the book, breaking the curse requires nine suns to refine the body." Wei Zhongzheng frowned and said, "One probably needs to use the power of nine suns to refine one's body! Because the black martial spirit is very strong and without a strong enough body, once the black martial spirit evolves, the body won't be able to withstand it!"

He lowered his voice and continued, "Xiao Yun, you have two black Martial Spirits, so this requires a higher level of strength!"

Qin Yun suddenly thought of the 'Yang Refining Body' of the Star Yang Heart Sutra. It was definitely a method to temper the body with the power of the nine suns.

"I will find out!" Wei Zhongzheng smiled. "Let's go to the square outside the Inscription Palace. The martial stage should be set up there!"

Qin Yun fell into a trance as he thought of Yang Refinement.

"Xiao Yun, let's go!" When Wei Zhongzheng saw Qin Yun in a daze, he shouted with a smile.

Qin Yun came back to his senses and followed Wei Zhongzheng out of the hotel. They headed for the not too distant Inscription Palace.

There were a lot of people in the city and there were many Magic Beast Hunters with blades that were dripping blood.

Everyone learned that there was a bloodline martial artist in the Inscription palace, so they went to the square early in the morning to watch the fight.

Bloodline warriors were very mysterious and terrifying to many people and today, they could experience the might of Bloodline Warriors.

The news spread very quickly.

Many people knew that Qin Yun was fighting against Bloodline Warriors and Devil warriors. This piqued their interest even more.

Qin Yun and Wei Zhongzheng passed through the crowd and came to the side of the dueling platform.

Many pillars surrounded the spacious martial stage. A fat person was standing on one of the pillars. It was Mu Feng, who was wearing a luxurious purple robe.

Lu Wudi's group arrived shortly after.

The two bloodline warriors and Devil Warriors had also arrived early. Their faces were full of confidence. It seemed that they were determined to win.

In their eyes, two Bloodline Warriors could guarantee two absolute victories!

"Quiet!" Mu Feng, who was standing on a pillar, suddenly shouted.

The noisy plaza suddenly quieted down. Tens of thousands of people looked at Mu Feng.

Mu Feng said, "You can't use weapons or any kind of defensive equipment during the martial arts competition! As long as one side shouts their defeat or has no power to continue the fight, it would be considered as a loss!"

"If you are beaten until lose your combat strength and can't continue to fight in the middle of a martial arts match, I, as the referee, have the right to determine the victor and to interfere in martial arts so as to avoid death!"

If someone died from this kind of martial art, then that would be an extremely rare genius who died.

Especially those bloodline martial artists. If one of them were to die, it would be a great loss to the Bloodline Aristocrat Families!

"First match, please step up!" Mu Feng shouted with a smile.

The person sent over was a man who was over two meters tall. He took off his clothes and revealed his explosive, hideous muscles. It seemed that every muscle was filled with terrifying power.

The big guy was a Devil Fighter. His square face was full of power and there was a red tattoo on it. He looked very scary.

"Little Lu, your turn! Be careful!" Qin Yun said to Lu Wudi.

Lu Wudi jumped up and down the stage excitedly. He was only 1.7 meters and his body was small and skinny under his blue robe. In front of that big guy, he looked like a skinny child.

Just from a visual point of view, Lu Wudi couldn't win against a Devil Fighter no matter how hard he tried.

The past few days, Qin Yun and Lu Wudi had gotten along quite well with each other, so he had a lot of confidence in him!

The same went for Mao Meimei and Huo Wushuang. In their eyes, Lu Wudi was a youth who was full of energy and would not get tired, especially when fighting. He always had to be at the front.

Everyone felt that Qin Yun was the only person in Qin Yun's team who could fight.

The other three were from the Martial Desolate Land. Although they were all young martial artists, they were still a bit lacking when faced with the valiant devil martial artists.

After all, in the eyes of many people, Devil warriors were very scary.

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